Special Solari Report: A Conversation About Iron with Ulrike Granögger and David O’Hagan

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Special Solari Report: A Conversation About Iron with Ulrike Granögger and David O’Hagan
Special Solari Report: A Conversation About Iron with Ulrike Granögger and David O’Hagan

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Most people would agree that we have seen a pandemic of fear and terror sweep across the entire world. It is well known that EMF radiation affects the blood and the Iron within it. Could this and certain nano particles that react to electromagnetic frequencies, found within peoples bodies, be contributing to some of the psychological affects that we are seeing and be a contributory factor to the set of symptoms referred to as Sars-Cov-2?

Ulrike Granögger and David O’Hagan are talking about David’s recent article “Iron” which is an intelligent and complex compilation of scientific studies, journalistic research, anecdotal documentation as well as insightful cross-connections to the work and predictions of Rudolf Steiner.

In this conversation, we are highlighting some of the implications that arise from the observed effects that the CV-19 ‘vaccines’ have on the blood, blood cells and blood vessels, including growing evidence of disturbing pollutants in the vaccines. We also look at the spiritual or energetic implications that a loss of blood’s capacity to “speak” on higher levels (Heb. 12:24) will have.

Blood is “metallic”. At the center of the Heme molecule there is an iron atom (Fe) uniquely positioned in the apex of a pyramid-shaped molecular arrangement. It is this iron that binds the oxygen and transports it in blood circulation to all the organs and tissues, specifically to the mitochondria in each cell.

This iron in the blood, however, also has a mystical meaning and metaphysical functions according not only to Steiner but literally all cultural traditions. There seems to be a linkage between the blood and its iron content, and the spiritual capacity, will power, discernment and evolution of the soul that inhabits the body. What is happening to this linkage given the effect of the injections on the blood, and are we all sufficiently aware of it?

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During our conversation I was reminded of a fascinating film produced by a Brazilian spiritual group that depicts what they believe happens to a soul when the body dies. There are many mansions in the greater house of creation to which the soul advances based on one’s consciousness evolution. According to the film makers Nosso Lar (Our Home) is one of them. : (The full film with English subtitles can be streamed here)

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