Iron: By David O’Hagan

“This human blood — which is in truth not such a material thing as present-day science imagines, but is permeated throughout by impulses from soul and spirit — is rayed through by the force which is carried as iron into the blood and wages war there on anxiety, fear and hate….This permeation of human blood by the anxiety-dispelling force of iron is a meteoric activity. The effect of the raying in of the iron is to drive fear and anxiety out of the blood.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

By David O’Hagan

Most people would agree that we have seen a pandemic of fear and terror sweep across the entire world. It is well known that EMF radiation affects the blood and the Iron within it. Could some of the psychological affects that we are seeing and certain symptoms attributed to Sars-Cov-2 be this?

“The iron in the blood unceasingly plays the role of a remedial agent, protecting man from his innate tendency to disease.” ~ Rudolf Steiner Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine, Lecture IV, October 28, 1922, GA 314

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