Special Solari Report: Free in Tennessee: Kicking Tyranny to the Curb

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No one can intimidate you unless you give them permission.”
~ Senator Frank Niceley

[CAF Note: Tennessee is blessed by great leaders like Senator Niceley. Please find the leaders in your state and local government and support them. They can achieve significant results in these times if you and I support them.]

By Pete Kennedy

People are voting with their feet and moving to Tennessee. The main reason for this has been the effectiveness of the Tennessee General Assembly in fighting back against the takedown of the economy and what’s left of our constitutional republic by the federal government and the ruling class.

A leader in protecting individual rights and liberties has been State Senator Frank Niceley, a fifth-generation cattle farmer who represents District 8 in the Tennessee legislature. Senator Niceley joins the Solari Report to talk about legislation he sponsored this past legislative session and what he has in mind for future legislation to preserve freedom in the Volunteer State.

In this interview, Senator Niceley will talk about the Tennessee legislature’s response to the federal and corporate Covid tyranny, including sponsoring a successful bill that made Tennessee the first state to legalize the over-the-counter sale of ivermectin. He discusses his concerns about the proposed digital currency and legislation he carried to help prevent that from becoming a reality.

Niceley has long been a champion of the small farmer and has been enormously successful in advancing the interests of local food producers and consumers. He touches on the Tennessee Food Freedom Act, a major cottage foods bill he sponsored that passed out of the legislature, as well as other bills he has introduced to strengthen the state’s local food system.

The establishment of a viable parallel system in the areas of food, health, and money is critical to defeating the ruling establishment’s ongoing coup d’état. The state legislatures are the governing bodies in the best position to make that happen. Frank Niceley’s work as a state senator provides a roadmap as to what that parallel system could be.

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