Hero of the Week: May 2, 2022: Senator Frank Niceley, Tennessee

Two important laws—one having passed recently and the other set to pass in the Tennessee General Assembly in early May—are due to the work of Senator Frank Niceley, making them the most recent among the many accomplishments of this dedicated lawmaker, constitutionalist, and advocate of the farmer in the State of Tennessee. He is our hero of the week.

One bill, brought by Rep. Susan Lynn and sponsored on the Senate level by Senator Niceley, is now making ivermectin available as an over-the-counter drug through pharmacies so that families and individuals do not have to go to the farm store any longer to buy horse vermifuge for human use. A safe and tested medication such as ivermectin, the Tennessee representatives advocate, belongs and can be trusted in the hands of their constituents.

The second bill, Senate Bill 251 introduced by Sen. Rusty Crowe, is the culmination of a decades-long fight for sales tax exemption of precious metals (gold and silver). The bill, insiders are told, will pass the House in early May. This represents a huge change that can help citizens protect their wealth, and is part of a necessary revolution of constituents and lawmakers working together to create sustainable, local economies that benefit communities. It is also one of the prerequisites to make gold and silver legal tender in view of the central banks’ move toward central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Senator Frank Niceley, in line with his understanding and support for small farms and businesses, has also recently introduced a bill that would exempt small slaughterhouses from county regulation by defining them as agriculture. This would mean that farmers and local livestock holders would be able to slaughter their own animals without the need to sometimes drive hours to process their meat.

Are you ready for a real revolution? If just 10% of the voting population ignores presidential politics and swings their active support to their best state legislators, anything is possible. To return transparency and prosperity to all, we need to support state legislators like Senator Niceley.


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