Coming Clean Beyond the Fiscal Cliff

[CAF Note: We originally published this article in January 2013. I wrote it over the Christmas holidays in 2012 because it was obvious that, despite enormous noise throughout the media, most people had not looked


F-35 Joint Strike Fighter for Beginners

From a Solari Report Subscriber The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program is the most expensive weapons program in US Defense Department history, costing almost 1.5 trillion dollars for around 2500 aircraft. The details I

Core Concepts

The Layman’s Guide to Mind Control

“Your greatest weapon is in your enemy’s mind.” -The Buddha Who controls your mind? Is it you? Or is it someone who wants to control you or profit at your expense? Are your opinions determined


Gifting to the Children We Love – Part V

The subject of investing encompasses a host of disciplines, skills, and experiences that no one individual can hope to master in a short course. The key to developing future mastery over a period of two


The American Tapeworm

[This article was originally published in April 2003] By Catherine Austin Fitts A Tapeworm’s Triumph The other day, a natural healing practitioner explained the strategy used by a tapeworm to prosper. A tapeworm, she said,