Science & Technology – 2nd Quarter 2019

The complete list of alternatives to all Google products
Tech Spot | 29 June 2019

Latest Solari Donation
Mozilla | 20 June 2019

The Pentagon has a laser that can identify people from a distance–by their heartbeat
Technology Review | 27 June 2019

A growing sensory smog threatens the ability of fish to communicate, navigate, and survive
Scienc Mag| 20 June 2019

Oh, By the Way, It’s No Longer to Be Called..
Giza Death Star | 26 June 2019

Push for Australia-wide school phone ban
News AU | 26 June 2019

Declaration of Digital Independence By Larry Sanger
Larry Sanger | 26 June 2019

BREAKING: Google Just Scrubbed Natural Health Websites From Its Search Results; Whistleblower Explains How and Why
Green Med Info | 26 June 2019

JEDI award expected in August
Defense Systems | 25 June 2019

Digital technology will strengthen America’s biggest retail banks
The Economist | 15 June 2019

Bruce Kushnick and The IRREGULATORS Win First Round Against The FCC. Exposing the $500B Rip-Off Continues.
Activist Post | 24 June 2019

Scientists have discovered a sea of fresh water under the ocean
Quartz | 22 June 2019

The New American Video | 19 February 2019

Corbett Report | 20 June 2019

Where does your plastic go? Global investigation reveals America’s dirty secret
Guardian | 19 June 2019

DHS to Move Biometric Data on Hundreds of Millions of People to Amazon Cloud
Next Gov | 19 June 2019

Mailchimp Shuts Down GreenMedInfo’s Newsletter for “Anti-Vaccine” Content
Green Med Info | 19 June 2019

Why 5G Is Like The Worst Relationship Your Ever Had, (And So Are Smart Meters)
Natural Blaze | 18 June 2019

Amazon drones could be used to spy on your home and spot intruders, patent reveals
Telelgraph UK | 19 June 2019

Modular construction: From projects to products
McKinsey| 00 June 2019

5G: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against the FCC by Municipalities Across the USA
Humans are Free | 18 June 2019

Cell phone tower shut down after complaints about cancer cluster in school children.
Sharyl Attikisson | 17 June 2019

Cell phone tower shut down at elementary school after eight kids are diagnosed with cancer in ‘mysterious’ cluster
Daily Mail UK | 04 April 2019

Put the F-22 and F-35 in a Museum: Japan’s 6th Generation Fighter Will Be Epic
National interest | 17 June 2019

Take Action: The FCC, OTARD Rule, Home 5G Hub Attachment Rights

Grass Roots Environment Ed | 17 June 2019

5G Crisis | 09 April 2019

Huawei Expects $30 Billion Revenue Hit From U.S. Clampdown
WSJ | 17 June 2019

China Is Launching Weather-Control Machines Across An Area The Size Of Alaska
Forbes | 10 May 2018

Scientists in Zurich say they’ve figured out a way to split water molecules in the air using heat from the sun, to create a clean and renewable liquid energy source
Reuters /Twitter | 14 June 2019

Fox 10 Phx | 11 June 2019

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An Emergency Appeal to the World’s Governments by Scientists, Doctors, Environmental Organizations and Others
5G Space Appeal | 00 June 2019

Oregon State University launches largest, most comprehensive hemp research center in the nation
Oregon State | 12 June 2019
Corbet Report | 12 June 2019

June 12, 2019: Oversight of the Federal Communications Commission
Commerce Senate US | 12 June 2019

Defense Secretary Mattis Had Secret Dinner With Amazon Official Before $10 Billion Contract Announced, Tucker Carlson Reports
Daily Wire | 16 June 2019

Space telescope to chart first map of the Universe in high-energy X-rays
Nature | 11 June 2019

Taking on the FCC: Unraveling a $500 Billion Rip-Off
Counterpunch| 07 June 2019

Amazon Offered Job to Pentagon Official Involved With $10 Billion Contract It Sought
The intercept | 03 June 2019

California Closer To Banning Public And Charter School Students From Using Smartphones At School
CBS Sacramento | 06 June 2019

Court to Defendant: Stop Blasting That Man’s Mind!
Wired | 00 June 2019

“Oversight of the Federal Communications Commission”
Zero 5G | 10 June 2019

The Future Is Here: Watch Robot Cop Pull Over Driver And Issue Ticket
Zerohedge | 11 June 2019

The Truth Factory | 10 June 2019

News industry joins calls for increased scrutiny of Big Tech
The Hill | 09 June 2019

A New Industrial Base Is Taking Shape. Call It the Military-AI Complex
Defense One | 06 June 2019

U.S. Farms Are Facing Their Worst Crisis In A Generation – And Now Here Comes Another Monster Storm
End of the American Dream | 06 June 2019

American Cell Phone Carriers Are Terrible and 5G Isn’t Magically Going to Save Us
Vice | 10 June 2019

As Germany Floats The Idea Of Encryption Backdoors, Facebook May Already Be Planning To Undermine Its Own Encryption
Tech Dirt | 05 June 2019

Come and Watch the ATX Theatre Premiere of The Minds of Men with Aaron and Melissa!
RSVP for July 2, 2019, 6 PM in Austin, TX

The Minds of Men | 01 June 2019

Storm Tracking Could Be a Casualty of 5G
Bloomberg | 05 June 2019

High-Flying Ladybug Swarm in SoCal Shows up on National Weather Service Radar
KTLA | 05 June 2019

Requests the Department of Environmental Quality in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Health to study the effects of evolving 5G technology
LA Legislature | 31 May 2019

Amazon’s helping police build a surveillance network with Ring doorbells
CNET | 05 June 2019

16 Things OMB Wants Agencies to Accomplish in the Data Strategy’s First Year
Next Gov | 04 June 2019

As Germany Floats The Idea Of Encryption Backdoors, Facebook May Already Be Planning To Undermine Its Own Encryption
Tech Dirt | 04 June 2019

Pushback against superfast 5G wireless spreads to at least 7 Pacific Northwest cities
KNKX | 03 June 2019

California Turns to U.S. Defense Department Technology to Battle Wildfires
KTLA | 03 June 2019

Tinder, despite cooperation, says it hasn’t shared user data with Russia yet
Reuters | 03 June 2019

Twitter apologizes for blocked China accounts ahead of Tiananmen anniversary
Reuters | 02 June 2019

Amazon could face heightened antitrust scrutiny under a new agreement between US regulators
SF Gate | 01 June 2019

China launches investigation of FedEx in trade war escalation
LA Times | 01 June 2019

Multiple Levees Fail on Three Major Rivers, Prompting Evacuations in Arkansas, Missouri and Iowa
Weather | 01 June 2019

River breaches barriers, flooding downtown Burlington
The Hawk Eye | 01 June 2019

Flooding Continues To Disrupt Barge Traffic In U.S.
Yahoo | 31 May 2019

Apple to Phase Out iTunes: Report
Pitchfork | 31 May 2019

U.S. Justice Department prepares Google antitrust probe: sources
Reuters | 31 May 2019

FedEx Misrouted Huawei Packages After Changes to Internal Protocols
WSJ Subscription | 03 June 2019

Trade ban affects 1,200 US suppliers, Huawei says
Asia Nikkei | 29 May 2019

“This Is Not Normal”: US Suffers More Than 500 Tornadoes In The Last 30 Days
Zero Hedge | 29 May 2019

USDA 1928: Cloud Forms according to the International System of Classification
Cheniere | 29 May 2019

List of Cloud Forms
Wikipedia | 29 May 2019

FedEx apologizes to Huawei for ‘mis-routing’ its packages to US ‘in error’
RT | 28 May 2019

“The Most Destructive Breach In History”: Hackers Use NSA Code To Grind Baltimore To A Halt
Zero Hedge | 28 May 2019

Two Levees Topped as Arkansas, Oklahoma Prepare for ‘Worst Flood in Our History’
Weather | 28 May 2019

2014: The History of Cloud Seeding: From Pluviculture to Hurricane Hacking
Climate Viewer| 14 March 2014

Breeding Baby Corals for Warmer Seas
University of Melbourne | 00 May 2019

How digital innovation is transforming agriculture: Lessons from India
McKinsey | 00 May 2019

AgCast: Army Corps on Arkansas River Flooding
Farm Bureau Arkansas | 23 May 2019

US Army Corps of Engineers: Where We Are
USACE | 27 May 2019

The US is losing the nuclear race to Russia and China
RT | 26 May 2019

The future of AT&T is an ad-tracking nightmare hellworld
The Verge | 22 May 2019

Schrödinger’s Art: Spooky physics paints microscopic artworks on “quantum canvas”
New Atlas | 20 May 2019

The New Nuclear: How A $600 Million Fusion Energy Unicorn Plans To Beat Solar
Forbes | 2 May 2019

Why are countries banning Huawei?
Al Jazeera | 06 December 2018

Trudeau warns China against ‘arbitrary detention’ as Canada works to ship Huawei CFO to US
RT | 22 May 2019

‘Shutting down’ Huawei ’10 times more important’ than trade deal with China – Bannon
RT | 22 May 2019

Why capturing Huawei is no victory in tech war
Asia Times | 21 May 2019

Barges obliterated in Webbers Falls, Oklahoma
WQAD News 8 | 23 May 2019

Webbers Falls residents urged to evacuate after barges break loose on Arkansas River
KTUL | 22 May 2019

Facebook shuts down an Israeli firm’s effort to influence politics in West Africa
The Verge | 16 May 2019

The SteamPunk Scrapbook: Bigboy and 8444 Double-Head
Giza Death Star | 10 May 2019 (Very Interesting)

Cisco Turns MindMeld Acquisition Into Open Source Conversational AI Platform
Voce Bot AI | 13 May 2019

US Army Contracts Dynetics to Build a Mobile, High Energy Laser Weapon
Techapeek | 15 May 2019

NASA Scientist Receives Patent for Innovative Technique for Measuring Space Weather Phenomena
NASA | 14 May 2019

IARPA Needs More Training Data for Video Surveillance Algorithms
NextGov | 10 May 2019

Property owners warned after spillgate fails at Lake Dunlap near New Braunfels
KXAN | 14 May 2019

Swarms of Drones, Piloted by Artificial Intelligence, my soon Patrol Europe’s Borders
Space Daily | 11 May 2019

our 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise
NYT | 12 May 2019

Swatting Attacks Increase Security Concerns Across Silicon Valley
Morningstar | 09 May 2019

US Warns UK Over Huawei and 5G Wireless
Money Maven | 08 May 2019

Oracle filed a 125-page amended complaint with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims
Next Gov | 08 May 2019

5G Day of Action EVENT PLANNING KIT for May 15th
Americans for Responsible Tech | 08 May 2019

Fact Sheet: What You Need To Know About5G Wireless and “Small” Cells
Environmental Health Trust | 08 May 2019

More rain to target flood-weary US Heartland this week, further delaying planting
Accuweather | 07 May 2019

The CIA Sets Up Shop on Tor, the Anonymous Internet
Wired | 07 May 2019

Could Facebook’s Edge AI Message Scanning Save Encryption?
Forbes | 05 May 2019

EU Pokes Trump Again, This Time Over Huawei’ s 5G Technology
Money Maven | 19 February 2019

France 24 English | 16 February 2018

How China is redrawing the map of world science
Nature | 01 May 2019

Kunming-Singapore railway
Wikipedia | 00 May 2019

Amazon’s facial-recognition technology is supercharging local police
SF Gate | 30 April 2019

Putin approves design of Moscow-St. Pete high-speed railway
TASS | 16 April 2019

Russian revolution: is the Moscow-Kazan high-speed rail project on track?
Railway Technology | 05 December 2018

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We build software for nonprofits
Hack 4 Impact | 00 May 2019

Trump Signs Executive Order to Boost Federal Cyber Workforce
NextGov | 02 May 2019

GSA Unveils Key Tenets of Governmentwide E-Commerce Pilot
NextGov | 02 May 2019

Net-neutrality activists debut Phoenix billboard calling Sinema ‘corrupt’
AZ Central | 01 May 2019

Putin signs controversial internet law
France 24 | 01 May 2019

Mind Control Weapons: Artifical Telepathy, Silent Sound Spread Spectrum
Richard Alan Miller | 30 April 2019

The Terrifying Potential of the 5G Network
New Yorker | 26 April 2019

DISA Awards Two Contracts to Build a Moat Around the Pentagon’s Internet
NextGov | 25 April 2019

It’s Official: Trump Shifts All Security Clearance Work to Pentagon
NextGov | 24 April 2019

Acting Defense Secretary Appoints New Digital Service Directort
NextGov | 23 April 2019

Center for Humane Technology | 23 April 2019

Trailer – BURNED: Are Trees the New Coal?

Global Forest Coalition | 17 March 2019

Who uses Twitter and how
Under News | 28 April 2019

How healthy is the internet?Our 2019 compilation of research and stories explains what’s key to a healthier internet across five issues, from personal experience to global concerns
Mozilla | April 2019

Could fluorescent lighting be changing your DNA?
KXAN | 19 April 2019

And the Latest in Mind Manipulation Is.. Ultrasonic
Giza Death Star | 16 April 2019

Platforms Want Centeralized Censorship. That Should Scare You
Wired | 19 March 2019

How automation could affect employment for women and minorities
McKinsey | 00 April 2019

Latest timeline for JEDI cloud contract
GCN | 16 April 2019

Chamber wants radiation research first, then 5G network
Algemeen Dagblad | 04 April 2019

Silicon Valley Funded Privacy Think Tanks Fight in DC to Unravel State Level Consumer Privacy Protections
The Intercept | 16 April 2019

Tracking Phones, Google Is a Dragnet for the Police
NYT | 09 April 2019

The Weakening Of Earth’s Magnetic Field Has Greatly Accelerated, And That Could Have Apocalyptic Implications For All Of Us
The Economic Collapse | 11 April 2019

Truth Stream Media | 08 April 2016

Scientists Found An Edible Mushroom That Eats Plastic, And It Could Clean Our Landfills
Stillness in the Storm | 13 April 2019

Are we living in a simulation? This MIT scientist says it’s more likely than not
Digital Trends | 11 April 2019

Breaking: California Supreme Court affirms municipal authority to regulate utilities and right-of-way ‘small cell’ towers
Smart Meter Harm| 06 May 2019

There’s a simple reason your new smart TV was so affordable: It’s collecting and selling your data, and serving you ads
Business Insider| 05 April 2019

Cal, Lawrence Livermore Scientists Create 3D Printer With Potential To Print Living Organs
CBS San Fran | 31 March 2019

Rewriting Life Chinese scientists have put human brain genes in monkeys–and yes, they may be smarter Technology Review | 10 April 2019

The agency is hungry for more commercial cloud.
WSJ | 09 April 2019

Listening for Dark Matter with ADMX – 2018

Fermilab | 09 Apr 2018

Forests Are a Low-Tech but High-Impact Way to Fight Climate Change
Scientific American | 00 April 2019

The Blue Ox and the Dying Sun Problem
Urban Survival | 09 April 2019

AM Best: Most Homes in Midwest States Uninsured for Flooding
Insurance Journal | 09 April 2019

Quick Cash, Few Questions: Insurers Pitch Wild Storms Protection
Bloomberg | 04 April 2019

5G Transmitters Have Been Turned ‘ON’ in Two US Cities
Need to Know | 05 April 2019

U.S. Disaster Aid Won’t Cover Crops Drowned by Midwest Floods
US News & World Report| 02 April 2019

Indian satellite destruction created 400 pieces of debris, endangering ISS: NASA
Space Daily | 02 April 2019

Tesla’s autopilot fooled by a simple trick
News.Com AU | 02 April 2019

Radiation concerns halt Brussels 5G development, for now
AP News | 01 April 2019

John H. Nelson’s theory of propagation:Is there anything to it?| 29 July 2004