Inflation: How Bad Can It Be? with Rob Kirby

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“There are only three ways to meet the unpaid bills of a nation. The first is taxation. The second is repudiation. The third is inflation.” ~ Herbert Hoover

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Last week, I had the privilege of spending time in Toronto with Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics.

Rob expects inflation to accelerate dramatically. I asked him to join me to talk about the current level of inflation and the sovereign treasury and central bank tactics that have been used to prevent hyperinflation to date. Given the extraordinary monetary and fiscal interventions underway, what are the tactics now available to offset a rapid acceleration of inflation? We connect the dots between various policies—such as lab-grown meat, the wacky “green new deal,” and $7 trillion spent on the Middle East wars—and the challenges of managing inflation.

There is no doubt that trade wars and “slowbalization” raise the likelihood that foreigners will send dollars back to the United States. Rob and I touch on some of the wildcards that could offset extreme inflationary pressure in the future—including war and breakthrough energy.

This is a wide-ranging discussion that will help you understand the push for technocracy and central control—and inspire you to build resiliency in the face of rising prices for basic necessities.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I recommend Too Much Money for anyone who would like a basic introduction to inflation and currency debasement.

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