Hero of the Week: October 16, 2023: Dr. Pierre Kory, MD, MPA, CTP

Dr. Pierre Kory was one of the first doctors to castigate and courageously defy the public health recommendations on treating Covid as well as the mandating of modRNA injections. He saw firsthand that ivermectin presented an almost miraculous cure in practically all cases of Covid-19, whereas the early hospital treatment protocols were literally killing people.

Dr. Kory was chief of the Critical Care Service and medical director of the Trauma and Life Support Center at the University of Wisconsin and a world-renowned expert in critical care ultrasonography. He is co-author of a state-of-the-art textbook on ultrasound and was the first to develop courses to teach physicians the use of ultrasound in diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Kory is also a pioneer in the use of therapeutic hypothermia (think of Wim Hof) to help patients with cardiac arrest, and he developed treatment protocols for hospitals, first responders, and fire departments all over New York. Dr. Kory also pioneered the use of high-dose vitamin C infusions for patients suffering from septic shock.

Dr. Kory served in several critical care units all over the United States during the beginning of the pandemic and treated successfully with ivermectin and other early treatment protocols. He has published several papers on Covid-19 treatment.

Together with Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Kory soon founded the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), which has emerged as the number one go-to association for physicians and individuals who want to help people harmed by the injections. The group developed one of the most comprehensive post-vaccine treatment protocols available.

Pierre Kory lent support to Dr. Denise Sibley and the Tennessee Freedom Doctors to ensure legislation in Tennessee that allows for the over-the-counter purchase of ivermectin and its use to treat Covid.

A physician to the core, Dr. Kory in 2022 opened the Leading Edge Clinic, a private telehealth practice to treat patients with so-called “long Covid” and post-vaccination syndromes—patients often sent away from standard clinics. Clinics like Leading Edge are part of a parallel health system that is establishing itself through the expertise, integrity, and tireless work of physicians, scientists, and health care practitioners like Kory.

Catherine finally had a chance to meet Dr. Kory in depth at the Stockholm On Guard Conference, where he not only presented from his medical expertise but also lent a helping hand wherever he could to the conference organizing team of CHD Europe and The Doctors’ Appeal. Dr. Pierre Kory is a force of nature—a man with a brilliant mind and huge intellectual metabolism—who is also generous, energized, full of humor, and fundamentally optimistic at heart. A great human being to be with, and our distinguished Hero of the Week.


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