Hero of the Week: November 14, 2022: Dr. Denise Sibley, MD

“We can say decisively that the Covid jab does more harm than good, in all ages.” ~ Dr. Denise Sibley

Our hero this week is another remarkable Tennessean who has been a powerful and courageous contributor working to ensure that people have access to the best treatment and to the appropriate health care they deserve.

Dr. Denise Sibley is founder of and one of the foremost members of Tennessee Freedom Doctors. She has been a board-certified doctor and internist for almost 40 years and received the University of Virginia’s Outstanding Medical Alumnus Award along with several other honors. Since the beginning of the p(l)andemic, she has spoken out for freedom and against the many fallacies in the mandates associated with Covid-19, such as the ineffectiveness and dangers of wearing masks.

Most importantly, Dr. Sibley was instrumental in helping to pass legislation in Tennessee that permits the use of ivermectin for Covid treatment. Tennessee is the only state offering over-the-counter ivermectin (that is, without a prescription) to all patients through a collaborative pharmacy agreement. Uniquely, this bill on the free use of ivermectin also contains a clause that physicians and pharmacists participating in this collaborative agreement shall be indemnified and protected against sanctions otherwise issued for recommending or selling the drug to patients.

Dr. Sibley has testified several times in the Tennessee House and Senate as a medical expert regarding bills that would provide greater freedom of choice to state residents. Soon after she began to testify, she was threatened with sanctions by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Sibley has treated literally thousands of patients who had Covid and has saved hundreds of lives. She also has treated over 600 patients injured by the Covid injections. She has worked tirelessly to help people understand both the medical reality of Covid-19, as well as the larger picture of a globally and socially engineered transformation.

Watch this formidable woman and real doctor in a captivating conversation with Dr. Paul Thomas on CHD.TV. [https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/shows/against-the-wind-with-dr-paul-thomas/against-the-wind-episode-58-why-arent-doctors-telling-the-truth-with-denise-sibley-md-facp/]

Thank you, Dr. Denise Sibley!


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