Hero of the Week: December 12, 2022: Sasha Latypova

Sasha Latypova, brilliant researcher, entrepreneur, painter, and someone who knows how to keep her spirits free…

Alexandra (Sasha) Latypova is our hero once again, and if she keeps publishing cutting-edge work and groundbreaking revelations as she has been doing, we have no problem making her Solari Hero for many more weeks to come.

An expert in drug development and former owner of her own pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, Sasha Latypova has not only documented the shocking lack of “good manufacturing practices” in the production of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections, but has been instrumental in mapping out the (il)legal framework of U.S. laws and regulations that were prepared over decades in order to carry out the global health care coup that we have been witnessing for more than two years.

In a weighty interview with Katherine Watt—who we also regard as a hero—about the American Domestic Terrorism Program (ADTP), Latypova lays bare the historical legislative pathway that allowed the U.S. government to carry out a military operation on millions of Americans and grant freedom of liability to drug companies like Pfizer and Moderna. This is pivotal information that can help and advise law firms considering what lawsuits and actions they can take to counter the mandates.

The products that are being injected into billions of people worldwide are legally not designated as “medicines,” which means that completely different manufacturing and liability laws govern their production.

Furthermore, Sasha Latypova is driving home the fact that the Department of Defense (DOD) is running these injections as a military program and controls the contracts with various companies. In fact, these injectable products are “dual use”, which means—in military terms—that we are dealing with technologies recognized as having both peaceful and military applications. The Covid-19 “vaccines” quite literally can be regarded as biological weapons. Weaponized RNA does not have to code for proteins in the body but will still interfere with cellular processes, leading to cancers and other malfunctions.

Hats off to Sasha Latypova!


Sasha recently presented during the latest Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium which can be viewed on CHD-TV. Please watch!

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