Financial Rebellion – A Brief History of the Financial Coup d’ Etat

By Carolyn Betts, Esq.

We encourage Solari Report subscribers and supporters to watch CHD-TV’s Financial Rebellion with Catherine Austin Fitts 2023 Episode 19 – A Brief History of the Financial Coup d’état, which aired live on May 11, 2023.

Financial Rebellion –  A Brief History of the Financial Coup d’ Etat
Financial Rebellion – A Brief History of the Financial Coup d’ Etat

For the record for those who have not joined our viewership, Financial Rebellion with Catherine Austin Fitts is a weekly show at the Children’s Health Defense TV site on current and relevant topics related to what Catherine calls the “financial coup d’état.” The show is regularly hosted by the inimitable Polly Tommey (who was on break for this particular episode). Polly was Solari’s 2022 Hero of the Year. I bring up the rear and appear without Catherine the last week of each month. Viewers can contact us by email at with questions and comments. In June, we’re moving from our 9:00 AM Eastern Thursday time slot to 10:00 AM every Thursday, when we will have the whole hour (with possible spillover) as part of the “Good Morning CHD” daily lineup. Recorded shows are available both on the Children’s Health Defense site and at the Solari Report.

We highly recommend 2023’s Episode 19 in particular as an excellent introduction both to the title subject and to some of the core content of the Solari Report. This episode and the upcoming Part 2 can serve as excellent tools for new visitors and subscribers to enter the world of the Solari Report in a systematic manner to better appreciate how the Solari Report content contributes to our understanding of the ongoing coup d’état and what led up to our current situation. Using as a guide the accompanying powerpoint presentation and related links, viewers can grasp the relevance of key interviews and articles available at the Solari Report for understanding how the U.S. financial, legal, and economic systems have developed over the years and how they have come under the influence and control of an international, behind-the-scenes cabal of puppeteers (which Catherine refers to as “Mr. Global”). From the establishment of the Bretton Woods system and the Federal Reserve to the passage of FASAB Standard 56, BlackRock’s “Going Direct Reset,” and the plan to implement central bank digital currencies, this history tells us it was a plan from the beginning, only we didn’t recognize it.

I suggest that when we begin to understand some of the historical methods used to remove transparency from our public reporting systems and install surveillance and data-collection systems to build digital concentration camps through which to control our financial transactions and erode our First Amendment right to free speech, we can recognize (and avoid) the potential traps in our daily lives and take action, including in the ways we speak, transact, and relate to the world around us. One of our most active subscribers (who surely already has read every link more than once) was heard to say after watching Episode 19, “I call that broadcast ‘The true and non-propagandized history class you weren’t taught in school.’ I want to be able to rattle [it] off in its entirety exactly the way it was recorded.”


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