Hero of the Year 2022: Polly Tommey

Pray Big!” ~ Polly Tommey

By Catherine Austin Fitts

A hero, according to the dictionary definition, is someone of great courage and whose achievements attract admiration. Our 2022 truth-telling hero, Polly Tommey, has courage and achievements in spades.

For over two decades, Polly has been on a mission to warn parents—first in her native United Kingdom and then in the U.S. and worldwide—about the documented side effects of vaccines. Her uncompromising advocacy has personal roots; an MMR vaccine injured Polly’s now-adult son Billy as a toddler, and by age two, he was diagnosed with autism. 

Polly, who has appeared in print and television media across the globe, is the founder and directs programming at the hugely popular CHD-TV, where she also hosts shows like “Good Morning CHD,” “This Week with Mary and Polly,” and the CHD-Solari collaboration, “Financial Rebellion.” Polly’s programming prowess and her warmth, verve, and quick-on-the-draw interviewing skills have helped catapult CHD-TV—in less than a year and half’s time and in the face of extreme censorship—to an average of one million unique episode views and two million social media views every month, with viewers tuning in from 145 countries!

But Polly’s trailblazing successes at CHD-TV are only the latest in a long line of other accomplishments, each of which would be impressive on its own. In the film-making arena, Polly was a producer for the 2015 documentary Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis? (about the tragic death of a severely autistic teen) and the landmark 2016 film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, which featured Billy’s story, among others. In 2017, officials in Australia deemed Polly’s on-the-ground promotion of Vaxxed so threatening to the crumbling official narrative that they banned her from entering the country for three years. 

Nothing daunted, Polly went on to produce the powerful 2019 sequel, Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth, which documents her 50,000-mile tour in the Vaxxed bus, compassionately collecting parents’ stories of vaccine injury. Not content to only share tragedies, the film also offers a compelling comparison, showing that unvaccinated children have outstanding health. Watching Vaxxed and Vaxxed II and following Polly’s interviews on the bus was a life-changing experience for me—and for millions more. Our understanding of the “Great Poisoning” took giant leaps forward. It is impossible to estimate how many lives Polly and her colleagues have saved from death and disabilities in the process.

As if all of this were not enough, as founding editor-in-chief, Polly established the Autism File as the world’s preeminent autism magazine; co-founded the Autism Media Channel; co-wrote with her husband Jonathan a book to help parents improve their autistic children’s quality of life; and launched the non-profit Autism Trust in the UK and U.S. to provide model residential programs that allow adults with autism to live safe, healthy, and purposeful lives.

Polly is always in demand to serve as a moderator for events for CHD, CHD-Europe, Doctors for Covid Ethics, and many other groups. She is intently focused on what delivers insight and actionable intelligence to her audience, and she drives the people she interviews to keep their contributions as relevant and understandable as possible, even when highly complex and technical information is involved. No one does this better. She also has built an inspired production team (supervising editor/producer Riley Vuyovich and livestream technician Sawyer Hart)—they are young, smart, and have their fingers on the pulse of their audience.

Passionate, personable, polished, persistent—Polly Tommey is Solari Hero of 2022.

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