Food for the Soul: Digital Art in Paris

“Our goal is to invite the public to walk to the heart of the artwork.“ Gianfranco Iannuzzi, artistic director and co-director of the exhibition “Van Gogh, Starry Night“ By Nina Heyn- Your Culture Scout Crowded


AT&T Removes Its E-mail Block of Solari

By Catherine Austin Fitts I have updated our recommendation that subscribers not use AT&T with the following message: Update on May 19, 2019: Solari received a notification from AT&T this week as follows: Thank you


5G National Day of Action May 15, 2019

“May 15th is right around the corner, and we’re counting on our friends across the country who are concerned about the deployment of small cell antennas in close proximity to homes and apartments to make


Food for the Soul: 500th Anniversary

“How many emperors and how many princes have lived and died and no record of them remains, and they only sought to gain dominions and riches in order that their fame might be ever-lasting.” Leonardo