Geopolitics – 2nd Quarter 2019

Rebel HQ | 20 June 2019 Is Harvard an Embarrassment? Part II: Kyle Kashuv and David Hogg Independent Institute | 20 June 2019 Demasking the Torture of Julian Assange Medium | 26 June 2019 PACE


On the Road in Friesland

By Catherine Austin Fitts Solari videographer Robert Dupper caught the sunset in this beautiful photo when we stopped at the Battle of Warns monument on the Red Cliffs in Friesland today. We were returning from


Quote du Jour

“The theory of exodus proposes that the most effective way of opposing capitalism and the liberal state is not through direct confrontation but by means of what Paolo Virno has called “engaged withdrawal.” One need


Psychopaths Among Us

By Catherine Austin Fitts I am hearing more conversations recently of people in search of a bad guy to blame for the multiplying evils and challenges upon us. Given the fact that our governance structure


2018 Annual Wrap Up Cover

Link to image Note from the Solari Team: We had some requests. Yes, you have our permission to republish and circulate the cover for our 2018 Annual Wrap Up! Our graphic designer did a great