Book Review: Red Pill Gospel by Forrest Maready

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." ~ Paul the Apostle, 2 Timothy 1:7

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Author Forrest Maready describes Red Pill Gospel: Christianity, before it was ruined by Christians as follows:

"Over the course of hundreds of years, man-made doctrines have accumulated and warped the Christian faith so drastically many of its early believers would scarcely recognize it. The world's most popular religion is a far cry from the message Jesus preached through villages and towns during his ministry. For those unafraid to look, Red Pill Gospel peels back the layers of lies man has added to the gospel and reveals the beautiful hope inside."

I was raised as a Quaker in Philadelphia. Since first exposed to the gospel of Jesus in Quaker school and meeting, I could not reconcile those teachings with the actual behavior of institutional churches. First and foremost in my mind, there was the Catholic church, which was deeply involved with pedophilia and narcotics trafficking. Admittedly, the church had numerous partners in these operations: the Masons and their secret societies, Jewish organized crime, the intelligence agencies, law firms, and the police. Whatever those groups were, however, they did not profess to be a church or insist that they had the power to intermediate between us and God. Nor did they spend Sundays shrieking about how bad we were. By the time I left Philadelphia, I had the distinct impression that the Catholic church was simply a perpetual projective identification machine. The Protestants—who were more tight-lipped and played along—did not seem much better.

I converted to Christianity in the late 1990s having discovered a Pentacostal church with an extraordinary Bible Institute. That experience inspired me to visit churches around the United States during my extensive travels. I wanted to understand how a high percentage of the American people could say they were Christians. When you looked at how our economy worked, we were anything but Christian in action, deed, and profit.

My uncle, a retired Army Colonel and West Point lecturer, once insisted in frustration, "God is for Sunday. You don't bring God to work during the week!" What I found in my travels was that many Americans implement institutional sinning for their daily bread. From the wages of sin, we have been paying taxes to the war and debt machine, and investing our money in the national security state and its banks. Then we go to church and are absolved of our sins. Churches largely serve the function of "wash, rinse, repeat." We enjoy the profits of sin, confident in the understanding that we are "good Christians."

It became clear to me that there was a wide discrepancy between what was being preached in most churches and my understanding of the teachings of Jesus and experience of the love of God. However, it was also clear that to dive into thousands of years of church writings and translations was an enormous job—one that I was not prepared to take on. To my delight, I discovered that Forrest Maready and his wife did take that job on, resulting in the publication of Red Pill Gospel and an explanation of what happened.

Fear porn has destroyed a lot of families and family wealth—in financial markets, in medicine (as Maready describes so well in his other books), and in the churches. The good news is that we have the power to stop allowing others to control us through fear and enjoy the divine love that is our birthright. After reading Red Pill Gospel, here is another tip of the hat to author Forrest Maready.

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