Book Review: The Moth in the Iron Lung by Forrest Maready

“…[A]n honest look into the nooks and crannies of what caused the epidemics of polio is deeply humbling. Man at his best can inspire like no other. Man at his worst, can destroy. Man in his natural state —with seemingly more reluctance to look himself in the mirror and admit his mistakes, the more noble his intent that caused them—that condition may be the most crippling of them all.” ~ Forrest Maready

By Catherine Austin Fitts

It is unusual for me to read a book and find myself shocked that I did not know something important that I just learned from the book. However, every time I think I am no longer naive, I discover once again how little I really know. This happens every time I read one of Forrest Maready’s books. It’s like taking a can opener to the mind.

Maready describes The Moth in the Iron Lung as a “biography” of polio—and indeed, it is that. It is also a case study of the intersecting interests—health care, agricultural, insurance, and financial—that have so deeply complicated and compromised our science and medical establishments.

The polio vaccine is the one vaccine that everyone cites when discussing a vaccine that supposedly “worked.” How many mothers have agreed to move forward with vaccinating their children because they remember the stories of children in iron lungs or wheelchairs? Wouldn’t you want to save your children from such a fate? Unfortunately, the polio vaccine was not the one that worked. From now on, anyone who tries to spin that old line to me is getting a copy of The Moth in the Iron Lung.

Maready writes beautifully and weaves fascinating stories throughout, gracefully bringing the reader to an intimate realization of the truth. The truth is horrible. It is also beautiful: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

I am now reading Maready’s fifth book, The Red Pill Gospel. Stay tuned for the next review.

I said this in my last review, and I will say it again. Go to Maready’s website and buy a copy of each of his books. Circulate them. Give them to family and friends for Christmas. Now that Maready has performed the Herculean task of researching and writing so much truth about what I call “the Great Poisoning,” we would be well advised to ensure that such precious and important knowledge is never again suppressed.

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