Blast from the Past: Week of December 26, 2022: Keeping One’s State of Amusement

The time of the Christmas holidays and heading into the New Year is a great opportunity for taking inventory and making choices for changes necessary in your life.

Here is our Blast from the Past bundle of four contributions meant to support you in your New Year’s resolutions and planning. These interviews and commentaries will also help in times when you are about to lose your “state of amusement.” The Solari Report and Solari Library are there to help you stay inspired and free.

We begin with Catherine’s thoughts on why she remains an optimist. There is great value in learning from someone who was forced into a battle with the establishment and the Department of Justice and yet has never lost her power to reinvent her world.

Why I Am an Optimist

Then go and listen to Catherine and Harry Blazer as they discuss how to navigate and adapt to a world of engineered uncertainty and tremendous change. This conversation provides a wealth of orientation and things we can do.

Learning to Walkabout with Harry Blazer

Next—and this is a must for New Year’s resolutions—listen to this exhilarating conversation between Catherine and the team of Eunice Boston on the true power of cleaning. Cleaning is an act of empowerment, helping create dignity and value in an ever more confusing world. Don’t miss this!

Coming Clean, Transforming Lives through the Power of Cleaning with Eunice Boston

Finally, enjoy this profound conversation between Catherine and Jon Rappoport about the “Power of It”—that energy that allows us to really break free from the trance and begin to co-create our lives.

“If you’re going to create your own reality, then you have to understand the depth at which other people have created reality for you.” ~ Jon Rappoport

Ultimately, we all must learn about the morphogenetic field that holds all quantum possibilities and begin to actuate it. This Solari Report of 2012 is a great way to start. (Please log in to listen.)

The Power of It with Jon Rappoport

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