Learning to Walkabout with Harry Blazer

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Learning to Walkabout with Harry Blazer
Learning to Walkabout with Harry Blazer

“If you’re coming to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together….” ~ Australian aboriginal woman

By Catherine Austin Fitts

For many months, Harry Blazer and I have been engaged in an intense discussion about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) when combined with increased privatization and corporate concentration promoted by a rapidly richer US oligarchy.

In the first two parts of the 3rd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up, Dr. Joseph Farrell and I discussed these changes in our News Trends & Stories, Part I and II. I wanted to pause the Wrap Up roll out for a week to explore “How?” – how do you and I adapt to a world of change and uncertainty on such an unprecedented scale? How do you and I live a free and inspired life and contribute to a human future in the midst of it all?

Harry came to Hickory Valley last week to record our thoughts. After a day of conversation, we decided to focus on what we should do. How do you move through multiple tsunami’s of change on a scale unlike any in human history? One of my comments is that we need to learn from the Australian aborigines – let’s learn to “walkabout.”

Harry and I draw on extensive materials in the Solari Report website and library. We will publish the links for subscribers with the audio on Thursday.

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest in financial markets and geopolitical news. You can post your questions or recommended stories at the Money & Markets Commentary here.

In Let’s Go to the Movies,I will review The Mists of Avalon< which explores the legend of King Arthur and the evolution from pagan religions to Christianity in Britain under Saxon rule. I will touch on Jon Rappaport’s “Voyage of Merlin” and why the Arthur legends and Jon’s work on imagination and creativity are so relevant to our transformation in the 21st century.

Talk to you Thursday!