2nd Quarter Wrap Up: News Trends & Stories Part I with Dr. Joseph Farrell

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2nd Quarter Wrap Up: News Trends & Stories Part I with Dr. Joseph Farrell
2nd Quarter Wrap Up: News Trends & Stories Part I with Dr. Joseph Farrell

“We are, I believe, involved at present in what I can only call a Third World War….Man’s struggle to save his personality from destruction by technology is something more than a substitute for war. It is a form of war itself.” ~ Arnold Toynbee (Tip of the hat to Truthstream Media)

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This coming week we begin our publication of the 2nd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell will join me to discuss News Trends & Stories, Part I. We review the top stories in Economy & Financial Markets and Geopolitics. Here are our picks:

  • Economy & Financial Markets
    • Story #1: The AI Invasion
    • Story #2: Interest Rates Rise
    • Story #3: Building Fortress America
    • Story #4: The US Dollar Index Holds the 92 Line
    • Story #5: Planet Equity – As Strong As Ever
  • Geopolitics
    • Story #6:Tearing Up Net Neutrality & the AI Invasion
    • Story #7: Trade Wars
    • Story #8: Italy, Brexit & the EU Puzzle
    • Story #9: The US Elections & Swamp Drama
    • Story #10: The Pension Fund “Crisis”
    • Story #11: Asian Hot Spots: The South China Sea & the Silk Road

We are publishing News, Trends & Stories, Part I & Part II earlier than usual. I want to start discussing Story #1, “The AI Invasion”, with you immediately.

Make sure to check out our 2nd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up web presentation. The News Trends & Stories section includes our complete trends list, our choices for top news videos of the quarter, our updated report card for the Trump administration, and our listing of the stories during the 2nd quarter that inspired our picks for the top 20 stories. This link to the web presentation will be posted in subscriber links this coming Thursday when we post the Part I audios.

In the week following Dr. Farrell and I will cover the top stories in Culture, Science & Technology and Space as well as discuss UnAnswered Questions, Inspiration, and Go Local.

As our discussion is lengthy, we will publish both full-length and chapter-length versions so you can listen selectively if you prefer.

In two subsequent segments in July, I will cover equity markets and publish the Blockbuster Chartology from Rambus for the 2nd Quarter 2018 and address our theme: The Rise of the Asian Consumer. The growth of the Asian middle class will impact all of us. This growth will be a major investment and cultural trend for decades to come.

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest in financial and geopolitical news. I will collect the stories during the week at our weekly Money & Markets commentary. (Click Here) Make sure to e-mail or post your questions.

Catherine’s Money & Markets Commentary: June 21st 2018

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I recommend you watch Elon Musk’s recent comments on artificial intelligence.

I also recommend Truthstream Media’s latest, Bilderberg and the Digital Order.

Talk to you Thursday!

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