Catherine’s Money & Markets Commentary: June 21st 2018

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Here is my collection place for stories for next Thursday’s Money & Markets. Please post or email suggestions and questions for Ask Catherine!

Theme: The Rise of the Asian Consumer

Top Stories:

  • Russia Sells Half of Its US Treasury Bonds
  • The EU’s Article 13
  • Trump Announces a Space Force
  • The Pressure on Mattis
  • Tariff Scorecard; Another 200B Tarrifs on China; Slams Chinese Stock Market
  • Compliance and the AI Invasion
  • Immigration Woes and Family Separation “White-Out”
  • German Automakers lead against tarriffs
  • Millenials prefer socialism to organized crime; we should consider trying capitalism
  • Why the slow assassination of Assange is a really bad idea – More Scorpion
  • Will Merkel last the month?
  • Disinfo Stalkers & Shadow Work; Hope Porn & Fear Porn vs. Imagination and Creating Your Future; Entertainment to obfuscate from what is important; YPO Lesson; Real Danger vs Soap Opera; Responsibility vs. the Glory of Victimhood
  • Vaccuum Cleaning of Data is not Draining the Swap – Exact Opposite
  • AI Invasion: Might as well go offense; hiding no longer works. Tax Example: You are in a Game. Shift to Play Mode and Play to Win

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