1st Quarter 2022 Wrap Up: People – Gathering in Malmo

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Our Scandinavian allies and subscribers are an intriguing group. So, it is not surprising that we love to road-trip north to Sweden. After a visit to Stockholm in April, several of us piled into our cars to return to southern Sweden for the Northern Light Convention from May 13–15 in Malmö. Although this event occurred in the 2nd Quarter, I am eager to send you this report, so I am taking the liberty of including it in the 1st Quarter 2022 Wrap Up. The Convention was organized by Scandinavian Freedom Events, a part of the Scandinavian Freedom Foundation with sponsor support from Children’s Health Defense Europe. My Dutch partner, videographer Robert Dupper, led the livestream.

To meet some of the greatest freedom fighters in Europe today, continue reading . . . .

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