May 13-15, 2022, A Scandinavian Freedom Event: Malmo – Sweden

~ We would love to raise funds to help the organizers defray the cost of making this event available to the public and to do more events. If you want to contribute, just send a check or funds to Solari Inc and we will forward. A very worthy investment in our future – and much appreciated ~

People Gathering in Malmo

Northern Light Convention Program

See Videos for Day One and Day Two Below (USA)

Full Day:

Selected Individual Speeches

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Video Clips:

Europe and Asia: (Video links)

Gain understanding of initiatives and thinking how we may together put a hard stop to the technocratic agenda that is being implemented in full force,

Orient to what the realistic and necessary actions may be to halt the accelerated deployment of the power grab by the globalist elites,

Find out where and how you may be able to contribute and help restore the sovereignty of individuals and nations that has been practically demolished over the past 2 years.

Information about event here.