William Binney Exposes Secret FISA Memo

by James Quaid:

Here’s the proof that we’ve been waiting for.. The Deep State uses approximately 82 fiber nodes to spy on everyone in the US. This info is used for a wide range of top down control mechanisms on the public and private sectors. The below links will give you the blow by blow on some of the gruesome details. Our collective thanks to Bill Binney for hitting one out of the park.

William Binney, Exposes Secret FISA Memo
Information Clearing House | 24 January 2018

Info Wars | 24 January 2018
Part II

Info Wars | 24 January 2018
Part I

For more details on Bill Binney and his associates law suits against the NSA and other agencies, see link below:

Bill Binney & Litigation to Hold the NSA Accountable
Enforce the Constitution | 29 November 2017