Wildcards – Week of 05.01.17

Joker in man Hand over table felt

5.3 – New Clinton Emails, McCann Case “Solvable”, & Synthetic DNA Project

YouTube | May 2017
Revelations Suppressed…

Judicial Watch: New Huma Abedin Emails Reveal Additional Instances of Clinton Sending and Receiving Classified Emails Through Unsecure Server Judicial Watch | 02 May 2017
Revelations Suppressed Documentation…

Exclusive: Secrets Of Alien Covenant Film

YouTube | 03 May 2017
Disclosure Ultimate False Flag??…

Director Ridley Scott Says ‘There Are Real Aliens Out There’
Huffington Post| 01 May 2017
Disclosure via Hollywood…

Coin Claims Reignite Shroud Debate
Coast to Coast | 01 May 2017
Insights into Early Christianity…

How To Survive Chemtrails – Ken Rohla

YouTube | April 2017
Insights on Mitigating Persistent Contaminants…

Local: Border Security Operations and Their Impact on Counties
Counties | 11 November 2016
Loss: More than $130,740,400…