Wildcards – Week of 03.05.17

Joker in man Hand over table felt

WikiLeaks Press Conference Thursday 9 March 2017 On CIA/Vault7/YearZero

Wikileaks | 09 March 2017
Appears to have covered up that…

CIA Leak: “Russian Election Hackers” May Work In Langley
Moon of Alabama | 07 March 2017

Georgia Republicans Pass Racial Gerrymander to Kick Black Voters Out of GOP Districts
Slate | 07 March 2017
Swing state…

Russian Malware, Uses It to ‘Misdirect Attribution’ of Cyber Attacks
Russia Insider | 07 March 2017
Umbrage components cover…

Saudi Arabia Stealing 65% of Yemen’s Oil in Collaboration with Total
American Herald Tribune | 05 March 2017
To become needless of Hormuz…

Hidden in Antartica a Naval Officer tells us Exactly What He Saw

YouTube | 02 March 2017
Warned not to…

Forbidden Knowledge for a New Age with Billy Carson: Buzzsaw Video
Gaia | 27 February 2017
Space travel…tribes…

France Blames Russia for Rise of Marine Le Pen and Nationalism

YouTube | 27 February 2017
Newsbud with Sibel Edmonds…