Via Europa Series: The Hidden History of the Great Divide with Guy Mettan

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[P]eace has disappeared from the European horizon. Moreover, ministers and the media, led by the President of the European Commission, are constantly calling for more war, more arms deliveries, more sanctions, more financial support, more energy austerity, stigmatizing the few voices that dare to call for de-escalation and diplomacy—as traitors.”
~ Guy Mettan, “Ukraine and the Collapse of Western Values” (Oct. 1, 2022)

By Vanessa Biard-Schaeffer

The war in Ukraine took many of us by surprise, even though the conflict had been brewing for several years in the shadow of NATO, which since the end of the Second World War has never ceased to extend its hold on Europe. It is not ten, twenty, or one hundred years that must be analyzed to understand the context of this perpetual showdown, but one thousand years!

History reveals a thousand years of hostility between the West (heir to the Western Empire) and Russia, heir to Constantinople (Eastern Roman Empire). No one will teach you about this history or these events at school, but they shed a strong light on the events that are now close to us.

In this episode of Via Europa, Swiss journalist and politician Guy Mettan explains how and why we are at the current juncture. The partitioning of the West and the East has been a recurrent goal for some elites. De Gaulle spoke of Europe going from the Atlantic to the Urals (Russian mountain range), which would have made Europe a vast, cultured, shining place. Instead, globalist leaders—whose motto is “divide and conquer”—are pushing for a war in Europe, which can then justify the centralization of power in the hands of a few.

Guy Mettan started at the Tribune de Genève newspaper and was its director and editor-in-chief from 1992 to 1998. In 1997, he cofounded the Geneva Press Club and was its executive director until 2019. Mettan also has been president of the Swiss-Russian Chamber of Commerce since its inception in 2005, was President of the Geneva Section of the Red Cross Switzerland (2006–2014), and served as President of the Grand Council of Geneva and sat for the center there until 2019.

In February 2017, President Vladimir Putin awarded Mettan the Russian medal of the Order of Friendship. While parliamentary regulations prohibit elected officials from receiving decorations from foreign governments, the Grand Council of Geneva authorized him to receive the medal with a 36-35 vote.

Mettan has authored several books, including Creating Russophobia: From the Great Religious Schism to Anti-Putin Hysteria, published in 2017.

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