Unpacking the Gridlock on US Health Care Reform with Jon Rappoport

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Unpacking the Gridlock on US Health Care Reform with Jon Rappoport
Unpacking the Gridlock on US Health Care Reform with Jon Rappoport

“If you let the [US] government into medicine, they will destroy it” ~ Dr. William T. Fitts, Jr., Professor of Surgery, in 1965, upon passage of legislation authorizing Medicare.

By Catherine Austin Fitts

The United States spends $9,451 per person per year on health care as of 2015. This figure is significantly higher than the figure for any other country in the world. It’s almost 40% more than for Switzerland, the country that spends the second-most money per person.

The United States spends more than twice per person than does Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, or the United Kingdom.  Despite this tsunami of money, the United States ranks thirtieth among countries in life expectancy. This rating compares to that of Japan (first), Switzerland (second), Australia (third), Italy (fourth), France (ninth), and the United Kingdom (twentieth).

Health care expenditures in the United States have risen from 7% to 17% of GNP, threatening the financial health of retirement systems and households, and contributing to greater inequality.  At the same time, this explosion of costs has fueled a rising US stock market lead by health care stocks and contributed significantly to local employment and real estate markets. The harsh reality is that capital gains on stock market and real estate is also a significant source of political contributions.

As the US Congress struggles with proposals to create a system that is both fair and economic, it faces a series of special interests that make such a change difficult without a revolutionary shift in consciousness and change in the wider economy.

A US health care system that is both fair and economic will require change in the behavior of citizens and in many health-related industries, such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, insurance, telecommunications, and media, and in such covert operations as narcotics trafficking and global spraying.

Jon Rappoport of  No More Fake News joins me this week to review the challenges facing the US health system. Jon has spent decades investigating medicine, the health sciences and the health care system. His body of writings – much of it captured in his two excellent collections The Matrix Revealed and Exit From the Matrix – reflect some of the most powerful insight available.

I hope this discussion will inspire you to contribute to the shift in conciousness that will result in breakthrough change – to take charge of your health and gain the knowledge you need to successfully navigate health-related systems to enjoy both excellent physical and financial health.

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest in financial and geopolitical news from Hong Kong. I just arrived in this remarkable city on Saturday after a glorious month in Australia.  Please make sure to post or e-mail your questions for Ask Catherine.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review the 9-part Truth About Cancer documentary by Ty Bollinger that includes many interviews of excellent physicians and health-care professionals around the world who are truly inspiring.

Talk to you Thursday!

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