Titanic Turner Awards of the Week – February 10, 2017

This week’s awards to:

  • Japanese Prime Minister Abe who proposed Japan building a bullet train from New York to Washington during his meetings with President Trump. Japanese leadership, credit and manufacturing kickstarted the rebuilding of the NYC subway system in the 1980’s. Here they go again. Engineers leading – thats the kind of leadership we need.  Good for POTUS for spending quality time with Abe.  Building deep relationships is how we figure out how to make money together turning the Titanic.
  • David Stockman, Steve Forbes, and Matt Drudge for reminding the Administration to stay focused on what’s important – tax reform, Obamacare and infrastructure – all the important, deep policies necessary to turn the Titanic. They moved the dial. Proves what serious media can do.
  • Senators Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz who produced a rating success diving into the nuts and bolts of health care in their debate on CNN. Let’s hope CNN does more. Big success.
  • Piers Morgan for fighting brilliantly for the “special relationship” between the US and the UK that has been so damaged by the politics of the destruction of 7 countries and killing of over 1 million people.
  • Tracy Luca Petrongolo  who gave the Solari Report permission to publish her new movie The Finders that touches on the corruption in “the swamp” that most requires transparency and healing.


Congratulations! Great job of making America Great Again, including in powerful partnership with our Asian allies!

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