The Glyphosate Wars with Sofia Smallstorm

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The Glyphosate Wars with Sofia Smallstorm
The Glyphosate Wars with Sofia Smallstorm

“We’re dumping it in our soil, it goes into the water system, runs off into our rivers, some of it settles into our deep fossil aquifers that have been clean for billions of years [and] are now contaminated. We’ve got all of that contamination underneath us, and then you get the mobilization of the water cycle. You get evaporation. You get clouds. You get rain. In every single part of that cycle, you’ve got glyphosate, which is the devastating story about our food chain again, of course. Because as consumers, we are waking up to reality, we have got to get organic; we’ve got to get all these chemicals out of our diet. So we’re eating organic food, we’re getting all these things at the grocery store, yet, if it rained on our crop, you’ve got glyphosate! …We are literally annihilating the ecosystem around us and annihilating our health.” ~ Dr. Zach Bush

By Catherine Austin Fitts

It’s easy to understand that we are experiencing a rising tide of environmental toxicity. Just drive around and look at the trees. Or get sick after a year of eating GMO food grown with significant amounts of chemicals. Or listen to reports of bee populations disappearing. Or see your house covered with a nasty grey film from the spraying shortly after you pressure wash it, which you must do again and again. Or watch videos that describe the number of nuclear tests—including upper atmosphere tests. Or eat out at the local diner and listen to chronic coughing. The question is, what exactly is happening, and what should we do about it?

One piece of the puzzle is glyphosate. People who I know and trust repeatedly tell me that understanding glyphosate is critically important. Beware glyphosate, they say, and do everything you can to get it out—and keep it out—of your body and ecosystem.

Sofia Smallstorm, author of Avatar Update, joins me this week on The Solari Report to discuss glyphosate—what it is and why she’s so concerned. We discuss her recent stories on polluted Florida shorelines and global thoroughbred racehorse deaths—and the possibility that glyphosate and environmental toxicity are threatening whole industries and economies.

In Let’s Go to the Movies this week, I will discuss Farmers Footprint. This film series explores scientific findings from Zach Bush, MD and soil health expert Dr. Allen Williams of Soil Health Consultants, LLC, who identify the root cause of the current chronic disease epidemics and their connection to agriculture that uses toxic chemicals. Their goal is to help farmers convert to regenerative farming in a model that improves both the quality of food for people and the lives and economics of farmers.

Farmer's Footprint | Regeneration : The Beginning

Farmer's Footprint | Regeneration : The Beginning

Who’s your farmer? Who’s your banker? Where’s your money? Your consumer and banking choices can make an important contribution to supporting our farmers who preserve and rebuild environmental health.

In Money & Markets, I will be talking with you from back home in Hickory Valley, Tennessee. E-mail your questions for Ask Catherine or post them at the Money & Markets commentary here.

Talk to you Thursday!

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