The Emerging Multipolar World with the Saker – The Unraveling Accelerates

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"I say that [Trump] is the best American President, not because his policies are good, but because he is the most transparent president… Trump talks transparently, saying that what we want is oil. This is the reality of American policy, at least since WWII." ~ Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, interview given to al-Sourya and al-Ikhbarya TVs, October 2019

By Catherine Austin Fitts

With Western leaders—from Bank of England Governor Mark Carney to French President Macron—openly declaring the failure of the unipolar empire, the shifts in global cultural and political alignments are accelerating.

Russia and China have created a new partnership. The United Kingdom is on its way to Brexit, leaving Germany as the even more dominant power behind the European Union and the euro.

Having lost the Israeli election, Netanyahu is waiting to hear if he will be indicted. The Saudis are being forced to take Aramco public and list the stock on their own markets. It looks like the U.S.-Israel-Saudi coalition in the Middle East is coping with the failure to execute the "seven countries in five years" plan.

This week, the Saker joins me for our quarterly review of these hot spots, including discussing what the shifts in Syria mean, the U.S.-Ukraine swamp circus that has replaced the Russian canard in Washington, and growing global protests and pushback against central control.

For Let's Go to the Movies, I recommend watching The New Silk Road from Germany's public broadcasting company Deutsche Welle. Many of the ongoing geopolitical changes result from a rising Asian economy and the creation of a land empire from China through Eurasia to Europe. Visiting the places and projects featured in this documentary gives a feel for the building that is underway. It is clear that China is providing financial and operational leadership. The important question, however, is: Who will command and control the equity ownership all along the Silk Road? That's the real fight in today's geopolitics.

Our discussion will be recorded this coming Wednesday, so send questions for the Saker by Tuesday or for me by Wednesday to Ask Catherine or post them at this week's Money & Markets commentary here.

Talk to you Thursday!