The Corbett Report – On Target

~ If you are taking flak, you’re over the target ~
~ Military saying

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Posted at Mother Jones in the Comment Section:

Ladies & Gentlemen:

What an extraordinary smear job – and highly irresponsible reporting.

I am a Corbett Report subscriber. I have listened to many of Corbett’s reports and invited him to join me on the Solari Report.

First of all, Corbett’s Youtube’s posts are not monetized. Your headline is factually incorrect.

Second of all, Corbett’s videos are documented – there are often extensive links supporting the material. When there is no conclusion, Corbett asks great questions. If a listener or subscriber has a question, Corbett has a practice of listening and responding.

Third of all, there is a long way from asking questions or pointing out facts that do not fit with the “official reality” and participating in “White Supremacy.” I have never seen or heard one scintilla of behavior to suggest that James Corbett is a “supremacist” of any kind. If anything is believes in the power of the human mind and spirit. I would describe him as believing in the possibilities of the supremely human. Apparently, you simply make things up and smear people with your invective.

I was asked to join the Federal Reserve as a governor during the George H. W. Bush Administration. Based on my experience with the Fed and the financial system, I suspect that Corbett’s coverage of the Fed is more accurate than most. I also suspect that Mother Jones‘ failure to cover the financial corruption at the Fed and the US government is part of the reason that progressive politics have failed in America – degenerating into vague name-calling.

Your article looks like an increasing effort to destroy free speech. Since when did Mother Jones become a journalistic battering ram for central control and suppression of the hearts and minds of the people?

If James Corbett has nothing worth hearing, people will not listen. Perhaps your challenge is that more and more people who formerly read Mother Jones are listening to The Corbett Report.

I know I am,

Catherine Austin Fitts
Assistant Secretary of Housing, Bush I
Publisher, The Solari Report