The Breakaway Civilization with Dr. Joseph Farrell

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Ever feel like the world isn’t making sense? Perhaps this is because the “consensus” view of who runs the world is vastly different than the facts.

You probably believe that America won World War II and that the Nazi’s lost, right? Well, who were the Nazis and why were private American corporations funding them throughout WWII? What happened to Nazi leaders, their advanced technology and their leading scientists following the war?

What exactly is the “black budget? Who seized control of the black budget following WWII to create a governmental mechanism funding private corporations’ takover of advanced, secret technologies? Finally — sixty years and trillions of dollars later — how has this story evolved into what Richard Dolan refers to as “the Breakaway Civilization?”

The notion that we are governed by a civilization that sees themselves as distinctly separate, which has gathered vast wealth to finance their operations on an ongoing independent basis, which may be managing crafts operating in space and which is above the law as we believe it to be is not a comforting one. It is, however, a notion that needs to be examined.

Join me on The Solari Report this Thursday for a fascinating conversation with an accomplished author and researcher who can help you make sense of the real world we live in today. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s latest book addresses some of the most important mysteries of history, science and current events:

Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops: A History of A Breakaway Civilization: Hidden Aerospace Technologies and Psychological Operations.

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The Forgotten (2004) - Trailer

The Forgotten (2004) – Trailer

The Forgotten (2004)