The Best of The Solari Report – The Weekly Interviews

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The Best of The Solari Report – The Weekly Interviews
The Best of The Solari Report – The Weekly Interviews

Thank you for the amazing ‘The State of Our Currencies.’ You have beautifully explained and illustrated a highly complex subject involving the most critical elements of our modern civilization and governance structures in a simple to understand, yet comprehensive treatise. It is truly masterful in that both a novice and an expert can immensely benefit. We have been giving them away to friends and acquaintances and have just ordered another ten. It is so important to have something of this quality and sophistication to offer people who are starting to wake up and then ask big questions like… ‘What do you mean by a global financial reset?’” ~ From a Solari Report subscriber

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Each year as we begin the holiday season in December, we celebrate the very Best of The Solari Report.

This coming week, in our second part, we publish our picks for the top selections from our Solari Report Weekly Interviews. The following week, we will publish the News Trends & Stories analyses from our 2020 Quarterly Wrap Ups with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell.

Throughout the year, we focused on the “Going Direct” Reset approved by the G7 central bankers in August 2019, exploring numerous facets in our Weekly Interviews and Special Solari Reports. Our choices for this week reflect this focus.

In February, Marie McDonnell joined me to discuss Your Mortgage: Avoiding Servicing Risks. I was concerned that Fed market interventions would mean more mortgage fraud. In my experience, this fraud is often combined with predatory lending and aggressive real estate acquisition. I wanted to make sure that our subscribers knew how to handle both mortgage originations and servicing in a predatory environment. Marie returned in the summer to update us on the specific Covid-19 mortgage issues.

In May, John Titus joined me for Central Bank Stimulus: Quantitative Easing 5.0 to review the Federal Reserve interventions in the market since the approval of the “Going Direct” plan. This discussion reflected our tracking of central bank and Treasury interventions in our Stimulus Tracker database for subscribers.

In August, when I finished the publication of The State of Our Currencies, I published a new introduction and overview in The State of Our Currencies – Take Two. The State of Our Currencies is the single best description of the global financial reset available—an essential map to help you understand what is happening today.

In September, Sally Fallon Morell joined me to discuss her new book co-authored with Dr. Tom Cowan, The Contagion Myth: Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease. You will find both Sally and Tom honored as Solari Pandemic Heroes in the 2nd Quarter 2020 Wrap Up. Understanding the central bankers’ reset requires understanding the lies of the pandemic and the use of health care laws and regulations to help engineer it.

These four selections for the Best of the Solari Report Weekly Interviews 2020 will give you an opportunity over the holidays to gain a deeper understanding of trends that will impact your time and money in 2021. They are excellent background for our review of the Federal Reserve and the “Going Direct” Reset with John Titus in the 2020 Annual Wrap Up, which will begin publication in January.

My next Money & Markets report will publish on January 7, 2020. Post your questions for me at the commentary here, at Subscriber Input, or send to Ask Catherine. I will be interviewing Dr. Farrell in early January, so if you have questions or suggestions for our top stories of the year, do the same.

On behalf of the entire Solari team, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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