Tell Your State Legislators to Take Action on Pharma Food!

The emergence of what I call ‘pharma food’ … is a primary trend we all need to know about,
for these synthetic concoctions—which represent a new and disturbing chapter in the Great Poisoning—are already showing up in grocery stores and in brokerage accounts.”
~ Elze van Hamelen, Pharma Food

By Catherine Austin Fitts

At the Solari Report, we take encroaching threats to food freedom and food quality seriously, and have been tracking the rise of lab-engineered fake foods and the push to centrally control agriculture and food production. This is why we have a Food Series and also have published—and strongly encourage you to read—our Food Bundle: the two recent blockbuster reports on Pharma Food and Dutch Farmers and Fishermen. Our 2017 report on The Global Harvest and What It Means to Investors is also still pertinent.

We urge you to use these resources to help your state legislators understand the pharma food trend and push back, as Tennessee legislators and Florida’s governor have just done:

  • In late March, Tennessee lawmakers sent a bill to the governor’s desk that would classify “edible vaccines” (any food that “contains a vaccine or vaccine material”) as drugs requiring a prescription, rather than allowing them to be passed off as food. As some legislators initially were astonished to learn, federally funded research on edible vaccines is ongoing.
  • On May 1, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill to prohibit the sale of lab-grown meat in Florida. Instead, he encourages the state’s residents to continue consuming and enjoying “100% real Florida beef.”

Let’s help other legislators and governors emulate these promising examples of state-level pushback!

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