Take Action – 4th Quarter 2019

Stop Financing the Deep State

Spark | 05 August 2019

Does Your Pension Fund have a Deep State Drain? Transcript
Pension.Solari | 01 January 2018

The Real Game of Missing Money: Should We Care about Secrecy in Financial Reporting?
Hudmissingmoney.Solari | 01 January 2019

Community: Get in Cahoots

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National Association for Gun Rights

Latest Solari Donation
The Snowman Rescue Fund

Latest Solari Donation
The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation

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Orphanage “Tabasamu”
OTEPIC | 15 December 2019

Want more access to local meats? Two ways to help!
Farm and Ranch Freedom | 15 December 2019

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At Truth in Accounting we have been working to educate citizens, legislators, and lawmakers about the true financial condition of state governments since 2002
Truth in Accounting
Truth in Accounting | 10 December 2019

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Plant a memorial tree in honor of David Allen Gross
Tribute Center Store | 10 December 2019

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Maine: Vote Yes on 1 on March 3, 2020, reject Big Pharma. Your contribution helps to restore fundamental civil rights in the state of Maine
Nofa Vt | 01 December 2019

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NOFA Vermont: Farmer Emergency Fund
Nofa Vt | 01 December 2019

5G Global Protest Day: Saturday, January 25, 2020.
Zero 5G | 07 November 2019

Weston A Price Conference: Ancestral Wisdom Meets Modern Science, Nov. 15-17, 2019 | North of Dallas, TX
Wise Traditions | 01 October 2019

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Donate to 5G Space Appeal
5G Space Appeal | 07 November 2019

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5G Crisis Action Day
Solari | 13 October

How to Grow a Local Strong Towns Conversation
Strong Towns | 14 November 2019

Ignite Annapolis 2019

Alex Pline |15 March 2019

When a deep red town’s only grocery closed, city hall opened its own store. Just don’t call it ' socialism '
MNS | 22 November 2019

Yes, You Can Change Someone’s Mind
Yes Magazine | 25 November 2019

Is there a way to change subconscious patterns?
Bruce Lipton | 24 April 2015

Texas Home School Coalition
THSC | 01 November

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Patreon Truthstream Media | 19 October 2019

Seed Library of Los Angeles: Branches
SLOLA | 15 October 2019

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Tennessee Firearms Association
TFA | 10 October 2019

Conversation: A Neighborhood’s Way of Life
Strong Towns | 10 October 2019

Strong Towns Southern California Regional Gathering December 5th-6th, 2019, Santa Ana, CA
Strong Towns | 01 October 2019

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Helping families and communities build real wealth: Tbilisi, Georgia
Kiva Lending | 07 October 2019

Do a Time and Money Budget

10 Year-End Moves to Lower Your 2019 Tax Bill
Kiplinger | 31 October 2019

Are You Budgeting Your Time Effectively?
Dave Ramsey | 03 November 2019

Libra Office Templates: Month Budget Planner (opensource)
Libra Office Templates | 01 October 2019

For the Non Accounting Mind and Beginners: Accounting for Beginners #1 / Debits and Credits / Assets = Liabilities + Equity

CPA Strength | 12 August 2015

The Rubber Budget Account Book (Paper and Pencil method for simple Family Budget)
AIER | 01 October 2019

On The Anatomy of Thrift Series
The Family Pig | 19 November 2019

Do a Heavy Metals Test, Detox, Fast

Making It Through the Holidays Unscathed
Heoloha | 12 December 2017

The Vaccine Injury Epidemic Event November 14, 2019: Take an Action in your location
The VIE Event | 01 November 2019

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The Vaccine Safety Project Powerpoint
ICAN DECIDE | 10 October 2019

Welcome to our Wellness Series hosted by Brigitte Mouchet!
Solari | Ongoing

Own the First Hour: Sunlight, Payer

Take a Deep Breath: A Meditation for the Holidays
Breaking Muscle | 08 December 2019

10 Minute Grounding Energy Flow – Functional Natural Movement

Jodellefit | 14 October 2018

Put God First – Denzel Washington Motivational & Inspiring Commencement Speech

Above inspiration | 26 October 2017

The One Thing Only 1% of People Do | Try it for 21 Days and Success Will Come!

Be Inspired | 19 April 2018

019 Mindful Organizing in 7 Steps with Pam Holland
Declutter for more Take Action energy and inspiration

Let’s Purify! | 19 January 2019

48: Facing The Fear of Empty Space With Confidence (Letting go of the ‘holding me back’ item)

Let’s Purify! | October 2019

Own the Culture

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3 Sisters Seed Box

Fundly | 18 December 2019

Church Partners with Non-Profit to Pay Off $2 Million in Community’s Medical Debts
Breitbart | 07 November 2019

Dr. Joseph Farrell & Catherine – The Real Culture War Explained (Reposted)
Solari | 31 January 2019

New miniseries Great Performances: Now Hear This, renowned violinist and conductor of the Mexico City Philharmonic Scott Yoo traveled across Europe and Morocco to chase the secret histories behind great classical composers and their masterworks
PBS Great Performances | 04 October 2019

Improve Digital Security

Connected Communities
Wired Networks for Crossing the Digital Divide

Connected Communities | 15 December 2019

How to Check Whether Your Web Connection’s Secure
Spread Privacy | 19 October 2017

How to Set Up and Use a VPN
PC Mag | 19 September 2019

Two-Factor Authentication: Who Has It and How to Set It Up
PC Mag | 03 March 2019

How to Check Whether Your Web Connection’s Secure
Spread Privacy | 19 October 2017

Stop Financing the Deep State

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Project Veritas Action Fund: Donation
Project Veritos | 14 October 2019

Business Daily: The right to repair
BBC Radio Podcast | 03 October 2019

Closet Farming | How to Make Everything

How To Make Everything | 17 August 2017

Compost Worm Farming

Geoff Lawton: Permaculture Online | 18 June 2019

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Ads for Freedom: bringing awareness to the crimes being committed against Whistleblowers & Targeted Individuals
Go Fund Me | 05 October 2019

Subscriber Recommendation: Stop EMF Radiation with Environmental Assessment (Reposted)
Solari | 14 December2018