Subscriber Recommendation: Stop EMF Radiation with Environmental Assessment

[CAF Note: This was such an inspiring report, that I asked permission to publish it. It just goes to show you what you can accomplish when you take action!Thank you again to our subscriber for sharing your experience and recommendations. This will help many more people. It’s a gift of life!]

Dear Catherine:

After listening to the Solari Report you did with Michael Blanshan on 5G, it really hit home for me that I needed to further address the issue of electromagnetic pollution in my home and in my life. I am the primary caregiver for my father who has COPD and is on 24/7 oxygen. Several months ago I noticed he had developed a tremor on his right side. While this can be a side effect caused from certain COPD medications, his twin sister passed away in 2014 of Parkinson’s, and I began to worry that perhaps this could be the onset of Parkinson’s for him too. Watching someone you love die from Parkinson’s is just horrible and I desperately want to try anything and everything I can to help prevent my father from succumbing to the same horrible disease.

After doing a lot of research I kept coming back to radiation, EMFs, dirty electricity, etc. I read In the Dark by Jason Bawden-Smith and I have a Blue Shield plug in in the house, but seven emergency hospital stays for my dad last year (so much fun navigating the US Health system!!) lead me to leave far too much hang out on my “Solari To Do List” for far too long. The Solari Report with Mr. Blanshan, along with my Dad’s tremor, made clear for me that I could no longer procrastinate. I admit to feeling exhausted and overwhelmed a lot of the time as a primary caregiver, but then I remember your advice to “Turtle” and I can usually soldier on, even if it means only accomplishing one thing a day.

I started looking into the cost of getting all the meters required to measure the various types of radiation in the house and complete overwhelm started to set in. How in the world was I going to competently accomplish this? Soon after when a friend mentioned to me she was considering looking into getting a whole house assessment done, I sprang into action. Could there truly be such a person/place to find such a thing? Turns out that yes there is. A little on-line research and I found the International Institute for Building-Biology and Ecology in Santa Fe, New Mexico (I noted that Michael Blanshan was also from Santa Fe as well). Here is the website:

The International Institute for Building-Biology and Ecology offers a two year program to become a certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS). There are currently only 30 who are certified and practicing in the US with several more in Canada. I contacted Mr. Bill Callwallader, who was listed for the Las Vegas area where I live after reviewing his website @ He has an MBA, is a certified EMRS and is part time faculty at the school as well. While speaking with him via phone I told him of my concern with my dad’s tremors and also that I had experienced Thyroid issues and insomnia since moving to Las Vegas two years prior. I went ahead and scheduled an in house assessment and the following is a recap of what occurred during my inspection:

Mr. Cadwallader came to my 2 bedroom single family 1223 square foot home and performed an Indoor and Outdoor Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Home Inspection for $295. He was at my house for approximately 5 hours.

Bill explained he was going to measure for electric radiation, then magnetic radiation, then dirty electricity, and finally WIFI, Wireless Bluetooth, laptops, smartphones, etc. He told me he focuses on where people in the house sleep, lay down, stand, and sit. He started with my father’s daybed, which he sleeps in at night and then naps, relaxes in throughout the day. The electric radiation on his bed went from 9.2 to .4 volt per meter – a reduction of over 95%. The original reading was over 30 times the “No Concern Level!!! The “No Concern” level is .3 volt per meter or less. I nearly fell over in horror. We also moved his oxygen concentrator which was positioned at the head of the daybed and is on 24/7. By just moving it about four feet away the magnetic radiation at his head in his daybed went from 1.09 to .05 milligauss a reduction of over 95% as well. The oxygen concentrator had been at the top of the daybed, blasting that radiation right at his head for well over a year. I was stunned. He also tested my dad’s recliner and after a few modest changes we were able to get both electric and magnetic radiation to acceptable levels.

Bill then did my bedroom, where I have my bed and my desk (my bedroom doubles as an office). To get my bed to a reasonable amount he told me I had two options, shut the circuit breaker off to my room at night, or put this RF/wireless and electric shielding foil he gets from Canada with a grounding cord behind my headboard. I wasn’t thrilled by the shutting off the circuit breaker plan, so we tried the RF/wireless and electric shielding foil and grounding cord. It worked beautifully, (we had done the same behind my dad’s bed) and the cost was minimal. The goal is to create a “sleep sanctuary”. When he tested my desk it was very high and I ended up having to move it to a different wall.

He then put a remote control switch on my WIFI router (cost was only $9) so I can easily turn off and on from my bedroom (I keep the router in a back room near the garage). This is a temporary solution until my non WIFI hardwire router arrives (those are not easy to locate these days!) UPDATE: it just arrived this evening! He told me the COX Cable WIFI router I had was one of the most powerful one on the market, it has 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz (gigahertz) (although it reads as 5G which confuses everyone into thinking it’s the other “5G”). What Bill told me which I found to be particularly hideous was that a lot of the cable technicians were setting up the WIFI routers as also public “hotspots” without telling the customer, so even if my local WIFI was switched off, it was still emitting!!! Apparently, they (COX CABLE) were tired off dealing with too many “my WIFI isn’t working” phone calls and this is a work around solution. Just unbelievable!

Next, he went through my smartphone and laptop with me and made sure Bluetooth was disabled and explained that even if I turn WIFI off on my smart phone, if they push through an update it can automatically switch back on! So he cautioned me to be sure to check it often and also to put it in airplane mode with Bluetooth and WiFi Off at night before I sleep. I already had an Airtube headset (I love the ones Dr. Mercola sells on his site, they are so durable – Blue Tube headset and he reminded me to always use those or speaker phone, but try never ever to put the phone near your head or any part of your body. He also explained that it is not good to work on your laptop while it is charging, to walk away until it is fully charged and then unplug before sitting down to work again. He made sure I had zero electronics on my night stand, and I promptly purchased a battery powered vintage looking alarm clock. He said I am fortunate, the part of Las Vegas I am in doesn’t have a close cell tower, the closest is over 2 miles away. When I first came here two years ago, I quickly noticed what an inconvenience it was that I was far away from everything. Now, I am grateful to be inconvenienced! He also gave me electric utility smart meter “opt out” information for Las Vegas – limited to the first 12,000 people, less than 1/2 have done it so far. After a little back and forth on the phone, a technician came out on Monday. I am again so grateful. I almost teared up when he left.

Lastly, in the kitchen was the only place he found LED light bulbs, which I have now switched out for incandescent halogen (wide base screw in light bulbs). He told me incandescent and halogen incandescent were okay, LED and CFL were not okay. He measured lots of radiation coming from the dishwasher, so he suggested not to stand there to do food prep, fortunately I have lots of counter space above cabinets so that was a reasonable adjustment. I had already watched the YouTube video on his website ( regarding microwaves before he came to do the assessment, which prompted me to immediately unplug it and put it in the garage to be disposed of ASAP. He demonstrates in the YouTube video that when you turn your microwave on, you can literally walk all the way to the other side of your house and you are still getting hit with the radiation. No thank you. Fortunately, I found an alternative in an article on Dr. Mercola’s website, the steam convection oven. The cost is a bit steep at $299, but I found a Cuisinart at Bed, Bath and Beyond and with the 20% off coupon picked it up for $240. So far I am quite pleased and do not miss my microwave at all. – mentions steam convection oven as an alternative to microwave.

After testing the areas of my house where my dad and I slept, stood, or sat for electric and magnetic radiation, wireless, Bluetooth, and WiFi, Bill then tested the entire house for dirty electricity. I only needed 6 Greenwave dirty electricity filters for the entire house, not too bad.

Before he left I asked him about 5G. It has started going up here in Las Vegas (not near me fortunately, for now). He said that there was special shielding paint you can buy to protect you in your house, but it can cost over a thousand dollars – paint and labor. There is also clear shielding window film you can buy to put on windows. As of now though, they don’t even have a way of measuring some of the newer higher frequencies of 5G. I shared with him the story in Sheffield, England that was discussed in the Solari Report with Michael Blanshan. He told me that back in 2017, when 5G was being tested in various towns around the world, (he knew of one in California) that an electromagnetic sensitive person he knew would feel the effects while driving his car.

Electric utility smart meters when they were first installed were turned way up, because they thought that’s what was required to communicate effectively. Most smart meters have started to be turned down, so now it’s back to the slow kill levels (aren’t we lucky?).

Bill told me that some of the things that happens with all this type of radiation, specifically with 5G, is that it damages DNA, weakens the immune systems, and starts to open up the blood brain barrier. He mentioned that is how aspartame was able to get FDA approval, because they could show that the blood brain barrier would protect the brain from any damage from aspartame. Flash forward all these years later in a much more technological world and that precious protection in our body is at risk and God knows what can get through to the brain now. Here come the Neurological diseases, en masse.

It’s been several weeks now and my dad’s tremors are better. I’m working with a naturopath and my dad is on a lot of supplements, including Rick Simpson cannabis oil. Never thought I’d be grateful to live in a state where it was fully legal – one less hassle. One positive for me is that my insomnia is now nearly nonexistent. I wear my blue blocking glasses when on the computer at night and make sure all electronics are off in my bedroom before I go to sleep. I now have a sleep sanctuary and I’m so relieved and grateful.

Overall, I am so happy I did this. I learned so much and to have an expert go through my home with me was such a relief and so very energizing! For the first time in a long time, I felt like I wasn’t all alone in this fight. I would recommend this to anyone who might be feeling a little lost and overwhelmed as I was. I swear my house just feels calmer and cooler. Or maybe it’s me who feels calmer and cooler.

I purchased Mr. Cadwallader’s new book – Exposed: The Electronic Sickening of America and How to Protect Yourself – Including Dangers of 5G & Smart Devices.

He covers everything you could think of related to radiation, It’s very meaty and I’m still working my way through it.
On the inside cover of his book which I purchased from him, Mr. Cadwallader signed it – May your health be high and your radiation low. And to that I say AMEN!


A Grateful Solari Subscriber