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For you must imagine the economic process, considered even as a world-economy, as a thing of perpetual movement.”
~ Rudolf Steiner

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In this installment of Spiritual Science in the Present Age, Thomas H. Meyer discusses the topic of the “world economy.” He notes that the term was first coined by British economist Alfred Marshall in 1879, the same year, according to Rudolf Steiner, that launched a new epoch of the Archangel Michael.

One of the pivotal figures who, in the last century, laid the groundwork for a sound world economy was the visionary anthroposophist D.N. Dunlop. Born in Scotland, Dunlop rubbed elbows and developed close personal relationships with influential thinkers like W.B. Yeats and, later on, Steiner. Dunlop and Steiner conceived of a world economy based on cooperation and brotherhood with brotherhood being one of the pillars of the threefold social order.

After ending up in London, Dunlop played an important role in the development of the British electrical industry and helped found the British Electrical and Allied Manufacturers’ Association. In 1924, he organized the first World Power Conference—an event with considerable cachet thanks to an endorsement and introduction by the Prince of Wales. (The politically neutral organization still exists today under the name of the World Energy Council.)

In our current age of “extreme egotism”—with an economy run by self-interested global elites and superfluous but dangerous institutions like NATO, the World Economic Forum, and the Hill+Knowlton-guided World Health Organization—achieving a meaningful world economy is admittedly challenging. As Thomas Meyer shows, however, Dunlop and others planted seeds that could germinate with proper encouragement.

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