Special Solari Report: Vaccine Mandates with Mary Holland, J.D.


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“Once I learned about the extreme liability protection that industry and health care providers enjoy, and the suppression of accurate science and information about vaccine risks and injury, I understood the need for immediate, radical systemic change. I have been devoted to that change ever since.” ~ Mary Holland

Mary Holland is the Vice Chairman and General Counsel of Children’s Health Defense, one of the finest organizations protecting health freedoms in the United States.

Mary is a former Research Scholar and Director of the Graduate Lawyering Program at NYU School of Law. She has written several law review articles and blog posts on vaccine law and policy and is the co-author and co-editor of the books Vaccine Epidemic (subtitled “How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children”) and HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed. She has testified to retain or expand vaccination exemptions in the California, West Virginia, Maine, and Vermont legislatures. She is chair of the advisory board of Health Choice and a member of the advisory boards for the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy, the Otto Specht School, and Actionplay. Educated at Harvard and Columbia Universities, Mary has worked in international public and private law. Prior to joining NYU, Holland worked for six years at major U.S. law firms, with three years based in Moscow, Russia. She also worked at a U.S. human rights organization as Director of its European Program. After graduating law school, she clerked for a federal district court judge in the Southern District of New York. She has taught courses at Columbia Law School and has served as a consultant to the Aspen Institute Justice and Society Program.

Thanks to an introduction by a wonderful doctor and Solari Report subscriber, Mary joins me for this special report to discuss vaccine and related mandates and what we need to do to prevent them. Topics we discuss include:

  • What are vaccine exemptions and vaccine mandates?
  • What has been implemented to date? What happened in California, New York, and New Jersey?
  • Where is the political support for mandates coming from—who is doing this?
  • Why is the opposition so fierce and growing?
  • Who and what has been successful in stopping such mandates and why?
  • Is the current effort a violation of basic principles—from the Constitution to the Nuremberg Code?
  • Why is this a critical aspect of our health freedoms and an issue of concern to everyone?
  • What can we do?

As a complementary video, I recommend you watch this interview with Chairman of Children’s Health Defense Robert Kennedy and HighWire Producer Del Bigtree. It gives a succinct overview of some of the extraordinary and intentional disinformation regarding the safety of vaccines.


One thing you can do is share the link to these interviews—spread it far and wide. You can also join Solari in making regular contributions to Children’s Health Defense here so that Mary and her team can continue their efforts. Finally, find out who is working diligently to protect health freedom in your state or local area and do whatever you can to support their efforts.

Thank you again to Mary for all she and her colleagues are doing!

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