Special Solari Report: Issues and Framework of U.S. Law Concerning Outer Space – An Update

By Matthew R Hale Attorney at Law

[Editors Note: This is an update from the previous Solari Space Law article published in October 2015.]

Space Law is based on the laws of Earth. Human beings have been making the law on our planet for thousands of years and in many ways, Space Law can find many parallels in various Earth based laws. The prior Solari article on Space Law can be found here:

Issues and Framework of US Law Concerning Outer Space https://library.solari.com/solari-special-report-issues-and-framework-of-united-states-law-concerning-outer-space/

Shortly after that article was published, the United States passed a law that for the first time in world history, allowed for the commercialization of space minerals and space objects.

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