Special Solari Report: Freedom Taking with Jerry Day

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Special Solari Report: Freedom Taking with Jerry Day
Special Solari Report: Freedom Taking with Jerry Day

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““The best way to claim and protect your rights is IN WRITING. The free download documents here have value and utility for anyone who wishes to secure their lives and protect themselves and their families from a rigged and hostile civic and corporate infrastructure.” ~ Jerry Day.

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I have long admired Jerry Day and his website Freedom Taker. Jerry’s suggestions for holding others accountable with respect to health, the smart grid and regulatory enforcement offer a wealth of practical tools we can use in our daily lives.

In reviewing recommendations for Take Action 2021, I was reminded of the power of a “notice of liability” in the hands of an informed citizen. So I invited Jerry to join me for a Special Solari Report. We discuss how to use documents such as notice, refusal, acquiescence by silence, conditional acceptance or consent, while not entering into an adversarial relationship. Jerry explains how to shift liability back to where it belongs.

Please make sure to check out Jerry’s downloads at his website Freedomtaker.com and EMFhelpcenter.com

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