Space – 3rd Quarter 2018

China Has a ‘Space Force.’ What Are Its Lessons for the Pentagon?
Defense One | 29 September 2018

FIRST UP Satcom | Thales InFlyt eyes global Ka-band network • Iridium to connect Ocean Cleanup effort • SES opens Isle of Man teleport
Space News | 26 September 2018

Inside the Pentagon, disagreements deepen over how to create a Space Force
Space News | 26 September 2018

Air Force could assume bigger role in DARPA’s Blackjack program
Space News | 26 September 2018

Pentagon Appears to Concede USAF Point in Space Force Tug-of-War
Defense One | 19 September 2018

Air Force Pushes Back on Pentagon’s First Blueprints for Trump’s Space Force
Defense One | 17 September 2018

SpaceX: We’ll Consider Launching Space Weapons If Asked
Defense One | 17 September 2018

Lockheed Martin wins $7.2B Air Force satellite contract
Physics | 15 September 2018

Spaceport Colorado sells the future
Denver Post | 08 September 2018

Japan To Test Mini “Cosmic Elevator” In World First
Zero Hedge | 05 September 2018

Japan Takes Tiny First Step Toward Space Elevator
Smithsonian Mag | 05 September 2018

Russia To Stop Carrying US Astronauts To The Space Station In April
Zero Hedge | 01 September 2018

NASA Reveals Plan For Permanent Moon Base: “We Want Lots Of Humans In Space”
Zero Hedge | 28 August 2018

Pence vows US will regain manned space flight capability ‘very soon’ & reconquer Moon by 2024
Russa Today | 24 August 2018

Paul Allen’s space firm details plans for rockets, cargo vehicle
Reuters | 20 August 2018

The US Is ‘Alarmed’ Over Mysterious Russian Satellite’s Behavior
SHTF Plan | 16 August 2018

Creation of US Space Force and Introduction of New Anti-Russia Sanctions Are Interrelated
Strategic Culture | 12 August 2018

Going where no president has gone before, Trump wants Space Force by 2020
Reuters | 09 August 2018

These Air Force ‘rods from god’ could hit with the force of a nuclear weapon
We Are the Mighty | 06 September 2017

The Pentagon’s New Super Weapon Is Basically A Weaponized Meteor Strike
Task and Purpose | 07 June 2017

The US Air Force has a new weapon as strong as a nuclear bomb – but without fallout

Disclose TV | 09 September 2017
Former astronaut on whether US needs a space force

Former astronaut on whether US needs a space force

Former astronaut on whether US needs a space force

YouTube | 09 August 2018

Hacked satellite systems could launch microwave-like attacks, expert warns
The Guardian | 09 August 2018

The Genetics (and Ethics) of Making Humans Fit for Mars
Wired | 07 August 2018

NASA names astronauts for first manned U.S. space launches since 2011
Reuters | 03 August 2018

Bridenstine weighs in on national space policy
Space News | 01 August 2018

Asgardia Nation, the space kingdom
Asgardia | August 2018

An astronaut photographed the ‘blood moon’ from the International Space Station, and his pictures are haunting
Business Insider | 30 July 2018

Who owns the moon? A space lawyer answers
The Conversation | 20 July 2018

Jupiter has 12 more moons than we knew about — and one is bizarre
Science News | 17 July 2018

SpaceX and Boeing are running out of time to fly astronauts into space
Quartz | 17 July 2018

New satellite constellations will soon fill the sky
Space Daily | 17 July 2018

Scotland chosen as site for first British space port
Space Daily | 16 July 2018

Russia, China Consider Joint Space Station – Source
Sputnik News | 04 July 2018

Space Plumbers to the Rescue! US Asks Russia to Fix Its Broken Toilet on ISS
Sputnik News | 03 July 2018

MOMO-2 rocket explodes seconds after liftoff
The Guardian | 30 June 2018

NASA Awards Contract to Continue Operations of JPL
NASA | 29 June 2018

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