Solari Hero of the Year 2011: The Fukushima 50


If you’ve listened throughout 2011, you know we have a hero for each
Solari Report. It’s astonishing if you go back and
you look at all the heroes we’ve had for 2011 how many extraor-
dinary people there are in this world, how many people have inspired us, how
many people we can look to for leadership!

The world is full of some pretty wonderful people, but there’s no doubt the
standout in 2011 was the Fukushima 50. Fukushima 50 is the alias that was
given to the group of employees who at the crippled Fukushima power plant
stayed on as everyone else was evacuated to deal with the ongoing series of
nuclear incidents. I can’t imagine what would have happened without their
courage and sacrifice.