Science & Technology – Week of 06.11.17

Cassini Mission



Vimeo | 00 June 2017
Video Montage…

Read Mary Meeker’s Essential 2017 Internet Trends Report
Tech Crunch | 31 May 2017
Big Dogs Rule the Roost…

Department of Energy Awards Six Research Contracts Totaling $258 Million to Accelerate U.S. Supercomputing Technology
DOE | 15 June 2017
Quantum Computing on the Horizon?..

The Grocery Store Of The Future Is Mobile, Self-Driving, And Run By AI
Fast Company | 13 June 2017
Places that lack a…

The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas
NY Times | 15 June 2017
The World Is Watching…

Immortality and Resurrection.Inc
JP Farrell | 13 June 2017
B-Science Fiction Plot Goes Reality TV….

Dozens of New Cracks Discovered at Belgian Nuclear Reactors
RT | 11 June 2017
No Margin for Error…

Pakistan Sentences Man to Death for Blasphemy on Facebook
Reuters | 11 June 2017
Cyberspace Intolerance…

Samsung Makes Big Trucks That Show The Road Ahead So Drivers Can Pass With Caution
This Buzz | 31 May 2017
Tech Life Saver…

Henrietta Swan Leavitt: Discovered How to Measure Stellar Distances| 11 November 2016
Serious Discoveries, No Credit..

AT&T Labs’ Project AirGig Nears First Field Trials for Ultra-Fast Wireless Broadband Over Power Lines
ATT | 00 June 2017
Power Line Broadband Delivery Options…