Science & Technology – Week of 05.01.17

Heavy Snowfall Devastates Western Kansas Wheat Crop
Ice Age Now | 01 May 2017
The New Ice Age Cometh…

Buckminster Fuller Challenge
BFI | May 2017
Breaking the Mold…

NYU Professor Adam Alter: How to Make an Experience Addictive

YouTube | 11 February 2016
The Science of Marketing Addiction..

How Scientists Are Tracking the Dangerous Weakening of Earth’s Magnetic Field
News Week| 16 February 2017
Interesting Natural Phenom…

Outlawing Microchipping Humans Not So Far-Fetched, Nevada Senator Says
Review Journal | 11 February 2017
More You Will be Assimilated.Inc…

Fastned Starts Expansion to London
Mobility Intel | 01 May 2017
UK EV Infrastructure Build Out…

SpaceX Successfully Lands its Falcon 9 Rocket After Launching Military Satellite
The Verge | 01 May 2017
Secret Payload….

Hannah Arendt on Science, the Value of Space Exploration, and How Our Cosmic Aspirations Illuminate the Human Condition
Brain Pickings | 01 May 2017
The Logic for Space Exploration…