Science & Technology – Week of 01.15.17

Donald Trump just Deleted a Tweet. Now that He’s President, that might not be Legal.
Mic | 21 January 2017
Presidential Records act…

Dramatic Volcanic Eruption in Mexico Caught on Camera
Stuff | 19 January 2017
Third time Colima…

Arron Banks Launches Anti-establishment Website
BBC | 18 January 2017

Robots Will Start Delivering Food to Doorsteps in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., Today
Recode | 18 January 2017
Incredibly difficult…

CIA Unveils New Rules for Collecting Information on Americans
Yahoo | 18 January 2017
On the CIA’s website…

One Country Dominates the Global Bitcoin Market
BI | 18 January 2017
Almost all bitcoin trading is…

Boffins link Alien Structure on Venus to Solar System’s Biggest Ever Grav Wave
Register | 18 January 2017
Huge thing…

‘Moon Express’ Secures Funding in Race to Mine the Moon
Breitbart | 16 January 2017
But time is…

Overcast The Movie, An Investigation into Geoengineering
Overcast The Movie | 2016

OVERCAST Official Trailer HD

OVERCAST Official Trailer HD

YouTube | 15 July 2016
Congressional committee undertaken…

CIA Releases 13m Pages of Declassified Documents Online
BBC | 18 January 2017

Pornhub Among Sites Blocked by Duterte in Pedophile Crackdown
RT | 17 January 2017
Addicted to…

Amazon to Accept Food Stamps
USA Today | 17 January 2017
First time…

Laser Breakthrough: Earth’s Atmosphere Will Become Massive Surveillance System
Technocracy | 16 January 2017

BAE Systems future technologies: The Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens

BAE Systems future technologies: The Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens

YouTube | 15 January 2017
Atmosphere into lens-like structures to…

Flying Car Prototype Ready by End of 2017, says Airbus CEO
VB | 16 January 2017
Book the vehicle using…

South Korea Prosecutor To Seek Arrest Warrant For Samsung Group Chief Jay Y. Lee
Huffington Post | 16 January 2017
Could unseat President Park Geun-hye…

The Secret Life of Trees: The Astonishing Science of What Trees Feel and How They Communicate
Brainpickings | 15 January 2017
A tree can only…

Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked
Amazon | 15 January 2017
Behavioral addiction…

Body Hacking Con 2017
Body Hacking | 16 January
Your body the best…new frontiers…Panel: Ethics…

DoD Announces Award of New Advanced Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) Innovation Hub
DOD | 13 January 2017
in Pittsburgh…

Solari Hero
This Goofy Guy Spent A Decade Building A Planetarium In His Backyard
Digg | 12 January 2017
He was hooked…