Rebuilding a Local Economy

“Begin Anywhere”~ John Cage

~Outline and Links for Solari Report published September 22, 2016~


  • Crossroad Events & Definitions
  • Risk Issues
  • Who’s Who
  • Opportunities
  • How To
  • More Links
  • Closing


We are standing at the crossroads:

  • Failure of Unipolar Model – subsidy generated by US dollar as reserve currency is decreasing; cost of global military draining
  • End of debt financed growth model – growth in debt was financing government spending with negative return on investment to taxpayers and supporting unproductive behavior – another subsidy that will decrease
  • Increasing unemployment and underemployment as a result of increased automation/artificial intelligence – government spending and government not reengineering and automating has been used to offset this – impossible with end of debt financed growth model to continue to offset
  • New technology is accelerating change and creative destruction – government rules and regulations have prevented decentralized adaption and integration – ensuring that technology will benefit centralization. What next?
  • Gridlock, complexity and violence of centralization – lowering productivity growth. Global backlash is not against globalization – it is against unproductive and uneconomic centralization. Global backlash is not against capitalism – it is against corruption and organized crime.


Link: 2nd Quarter Wrap Up – on Productivity

Options: Depopulation, mind controlled slavery, or reinventing and reengineering the culture and economy

Reinventing our cultural and economic models to optimize our economic activity and use of precious resources is hard to do amidst economic warfare – however it is the positive option


Centralized Model: (Nicknames: Mr. Global, Tapeworm – Central Banking – Warfare Model)


Solari Model: decentralized optimization of living and financial equity (Solari Model) – Individual player – “do no harm” – seeks positive return to both investors and network (includes all living systems) = Total Economic Return =


  • Look at full economic ecosystem
  • Investors include everyone – investors, customers or users, management and employees
  • Labor productivity vs. human productivity
  • Living equity vs. financial equity
  • Equity vs. debt
  • Return on investment to investors vs. total economic return
  • Return on investment to shareholders vs. return on investment to taxpayers
  • Popsicle Index
  • Popsicle Index vs. S&P

Link: The Solari Model – Total Economic Return

Link: The Essence of Solari


-Can’t make $ work without good risk management
-Map and manage your risks; don’t broadcast them
-Don’t be fooled by people or activities that waste your time
-Avoid material omissions wherever possible

  1. Invisible mind control technologies – entrainment, control files, surveillance with artificial intelligence, “smart technologies”
  2. Surveillance capitalism ~ invasion of privacy in support of consumer sales and centralization
  3. Health destruction: global spraying, bad food, pharmaceutical, mandated vaccines, addictions
  4. Gun control
  5. Narcotics trafficking and organized crime
  6. Financial fraud
  7. Covert operations in support of centralization
  8. Enforcement and regulation in support of centralization

Link: Financial Ecosystems – Capitalism 3.0

Financial Ecosystems – Capitalism 3.0

Link: Control Files

Solari Stories – Scandals, Control Files, and Blackmail

Link: Solari Report Libraries

Check out categories for the Solari Reports on The Real Deal and Technology and Innovation


Economics work when all the parties in an ecosystem align and transact time and money to optimize individual value. Start intimate: individuals, families, neighbors, communities.

Everyone is important in the ecosystem. If you want to see all the players flip through your local phone book – the state and government section and then the yellow pages.

  1. Spiritual Capital:
    • Churches
    • Temples
  2. Financial Capital:
    • Community Banks
    • Savings Banks
    • Credit Unions
    • State and Local Pension Funds
    • Securities Brokers
    • Mortgage Bankers
    • Community Foundation
    • Insurance Brokers and Companies
    • Family Offices
  3. State & Municipal Government:
    • Mayor & City Council
    • Planning Board & Department/Economic Development Department or Agency
    • Comptroller/Treasuries Office
    • Sheriff, Police & Other Local Enforcement
    • Fire chief and department
    • City attorney
    • Local courthouse and judges
    • Parks and recreations
    • State troopers
    • Park rangers and wildlife officers
    • Public works: Signs, roads, water and infrastructure management
    • State Legislators
    • Ag Extension
    • Contracting Offices
    • State and local pension funds
  4. Education:
    • Community College
    • Home Schooling Groups
    • School Board
    • K-12 Schools: Public, private, church
    • Principals
    • Teachers
    • Nursery and pre-K schools
    • Day care centers
    • Community center
    • Librarians & Libraries
    • Literacy council
  5. Small Business:
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Local CPAs and Law Firms
    • Retail stores
    • Service providers: plumbers, electricians, pest control
    • Civic organizations
  6. Food:
    • Farmers
    • Ranchers
    • Orchards
    • Vineyards
    • Gardeners
    • Homemakers
    • Grocery Stores
    • Chefs and Restaurants
    • Farmers Markets
    • Co-Op
    • Seed companies
    • Farming Institutes
    • Nurseries
    • Slaughter houses
    • Food processors
    • Landscape architects and firms/edible landscapes
    • Food trucks
  7. Real Estate:
    • Brokers
    • Land Management
    • Homebuilders
    • Construction
    • Architects, Landscape Architects & urban planners
    • Property managers
    • Commercial property developers and owners
  8. Surveillance, Energy & Communication Systems:
    • Telcos
    • Cable
    • Utilities
    • IT providers
    • Local ISP
  9. Health Care:
    • Chiropractors
    • Nurse Practitioners
    • Nurses
    • Nutritionists
    • Doctors & Surgeons
    • Dentists & Dental Surgeons
    • Natural Health Practitioners
    • Clinics
    • Hospitals
    • Hospice
    • Pharmacies
    • Spas, Beauty Salons and Massage Parlors
  1. Manufacturing
  2. Art & Theatre
    • Arts center
    • Local theatres, concert halls & symphonies
    • Galleries
    • Nightclubs
    • Event and festival managers and promoters
    • Recording studios
  3. Sports & Recreation
    • Little League
    • Fishing and hunting shops & guides
    • Sportsplex
    • Marathon and event organizers
    • Yacht and sailing clubs
    • YMCA
    • Community pools
  4. Other Civic
    • Food Bank
    • Shelters
    • Rotary
    • Kiwanis International
    • American Legion
    • Boys & Girls Clubs of America
    • Boy & Girl Scouts
    • 4H
    • Big Brother
  5. Animals
    • Veterinarians
    • SPCA
    • Animal and rescue shelters
  6. Media
    • Local papers
    • Community radio
    • Community TV
  7. Federal employers
    • Army corp of engineers
    • Federal agencies and contractors
    • Intelligence agencies
    • Military installations
    • Underground installations
    • ROTC
    • Military recruiters
    • National Guard
    • Post Office
  8. Other employers or companies serving the area
    • Franchises
    • Retail chains
    • Online stores
    • Fed Ex, UPS
  9. Force


Size of Opportunity: 1% to 100%

Links to help you see your local economy:

Areas of Opportunity:

  1. Address political ponerology challenge: 5% psychopaths with secrecy and technologies of control – will require creating local privacy
  2. Positive local return on young people: reverses the existing drain of human capital from Main Street and small business
  3. Create pool of entrepreneurs and young small business leaders who can buy, grow and lead existing business and farms and start new ones.
  4. Have local capacity create local private and liquid equity pools and increase P/E of equity valuations through:
    • Deep local leadership, management and internship bench
    • Aggregation and investment in the “business of the business”
    • Financial liquidity: attract local 401k, IRA and other retirement investment; attract local pension and institutional capital into small business
    • Investment in human and intellectual capital and market networks related to highest value add in location (local guys can afford top lobbyist and tax experts too!)
    • Create local exchange to transfer shares; forms of local equity liquity
    • Link: Solari Audio Seminar: Building Real Wealth
  5. Reengineer federal, state and local government investment to positive return on investment to taxpayers
  6. Create ways to refinance and rapidly retire or prevent student loans.
  7. Reinvigorate local sports and theatre
    • Example: Oxford-Lafayette Sportsplex
    • Example: Music Makes a City
  8. Integrate new technology with integrity
    • Energy
    • Automation
    • IT & communication
    • Sharing economy – increased liquidity of assets
  9. Increase local food self-sufficiency, nutrition and health
  10. Locally controlled education
    • Vaccination requirements
    • Poor food
    • Inadequate curriculum and resources
    • Mandated taxes for private services
  11. Small B2B globalization
  1. Alignment of goals and values:
  2. Consumers (now investors) with Business
  3. B2B – your success lowers my cost of capital
  4. Local investors profit from beautification, better education and better environment
  5. Local transparency of economy
  6. Popsicle Index with S&P Index


Link:Moneychanger: Steps to Rebuilding Your Local Economy

  1. High School and Summer Internship Programs
  2. Angel Networks and Equity Pools:
  3. Local Currencies
  4. Local Transparency/Media
  5. Legal Protection
    • Example:


Link: Coming Clean: Building a Wonderful World

Link: Solari Report: Family Wealth

Link: Starting a Solari Circle

Link: Starting a Solari Investment Club


  1. Start in your own life; your time and money
  2. Delete the drains from your life
  3. Look for opportunities; beware obligations
  4. Focus on people you can trust – circle up
  5. Attract and do what gives you energy
  6. Turtle


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