Pushback of the Week: May 13, 2024: World Council for Health and Philipp Kruse

“As courts appear to be compromised by bias or financial considerations, World Council for Health decided to use a different approach by reminding these individuals that they are accountable to us as human beings—men and women—and not just in their corporate capacity. This is an important step in transparency and accountability. Now, neither the WHO nor its employees can claim ignorance, especially as evidence of immeasurable harms emerges daily.” ~ Dr. Tess Lawrie, World Council for Health

The World Council for Health (WCH), founded in 2021, and Swiss attorney Philipp Kruse are our selection for Pushback of the Week. Representing the WCH Steering Committee, Kruse on May 6 officially acknowledged, via video message, delivery of Notices of Liability to four World Health Organization (WHO) officials.

Kruse confirmed that the notices, titled “Re: Notice upon Harm and to Cease and Desist,” were served on the WHO’s Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus; chief scientist Jeremy Farrar; Covid-19 technical lead Dr. Maria van Kerkhove; and Covid-19 clinical lead Dr. Janet Diaz. The notices call attention to the officials’ involvement in actions and events “resulting in mass loss of life, immense physical harm and untold psychological distress and trauma to the people on this planet.”

The InPower movement explains a Notice of Liability as follows:

“A Notice of Liability (NoL) is a formal written document sent in response to a harmful offer. It is a private contract negotiation that makes use of the same principles which are used by corporations and governments to get you to agree to offers, even though these may not always look like offers…. When you send an NoL, it informs the recipients that they appear to be involved in something that causes harm to you and those you care about. Once they receive your NoL, they can no longer claim they did not know they were causing harm.”

Discussing the delivery of the notices, WCH explained in a press release, “The notice further invites these four individuals to an WCH-led event at which its country councils would attend, and the four individuals would have an opportunity to explain, apologise and offer reparations for the immeasurable harm caused by their recommendations and GMO injections.”


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