Pushback of the Week: February 26, 2024: The Light (Paper)

“Ditch the apps, and use your cards to withdraw cash to spend everywhere, and where they don’t take cash, don’t spend.” ~ The Light, February 2023

This week, we are excited to showcase the efforts of The Light (tagline “The Uncensored Truth”), a professionally produced English monthly news publication that can be accessed online or in print at no cost. Widely distributed throughout the UK by a growing network of activists and groups, this publication has been making waves since its launch in late 2020.

Founded by Darren Nesbitt (aka Darren Smith), a regular at London rallies, The Light has a monthly print run exceeding 100,000 copies and consistently covers important topics such as financial transaction freedom.

One of The Light’s noteworthy initiatives is a “Wake Up Your Neighbours” campaign that allows UK residents to order next month’s issue online for anonymous delivery to specific streets and postal codes. This innovative approach has garnered attention and support from readers across the country.

Explore The Light’s impressive archive of articles at its website. Spread the word about this valuable resource—you may inspire similar efforts!

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” ~ Genesis 1:3


The Light (website)

The Light, Issue 42 – February 2024

All your money controlled forever (Issue 30 – February 2023)

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Wake Up Your Neighbours Campaign

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