Pushback of the Week: April 22, 2024: James Howard Kunstler’s Wake-up Call

“The two traditional political divisions, liberal and conservative died with Covid. Now there are simply the sane versus the insane. The sane have had enough of being pushed around by the insane. The insane don’t register much of what reality tries to tell them. They have a body of insane ideas to comfort and protect them from reality’s rigors. To call that body of ideas an ‘ideology’ is way too polite.” ~ James Howard Kunstler

Pushback of the Week goes to the razor-sharp writer, James Howard Kunstler, who, with his acerbic observations, has been brilliantly highlighting many of the serious issues of our time. Kunstler, a former staff writer for Rolling Stone and the author of nine novels, regales his audience at his website.

Whether you laugh or cry, Kunstler’s March 22 article, “Wake-up Call,” presents a grave yet comical spin on the glaringly obvious human “divide.” Some key points are the reframing of the political divide as one of “the sane versus the insane,” the suggestion that we should refrain from attributing philosophy or ideology to the aforementioned “insane,” and, importantly, the observation that climate change is simply a “cudgel” being used to kill you and “grab your stuff.”

We encourage you to read and share the article, and follow Kunstler’s blog. Don’t miss his new podcast with Catherine.


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