Netanyahu’s Mass Atrocity Machinery: What Will You Do?

I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.
~ Deuteronomy 30:19

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Our lead story in Money & Markets on the Solari Report last week was on the uncovering of mass graves in Gaza. Subscribers can watch last week’s Money & Markets here. Hundreds of bodies have been uncovered. Some had their hands tied behind their back and were shot. Some had organs taken. Watch the disgust of a Sky News reporter as the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem tries to blow off the report and then spin a tale when caught.

Those who consume corporate media know nothing of gruesome mass graves in Gaza. Instead, they are ingesting stories about student protests at American universities. My expectation is that these protests are professionally organized and financed, with scripts written for paid agitators to say things that can then support more “hate crime” charges and legislation. The best defense is a good offense.

This is called a “whiteout.” School protests keep the real story out of the headlines—shocking slaughter and mass atrocity in Gaza as the land grab proceeds and the engineering of mass famine accelerates.

From what I can hear and see, the corporate media are largely silent on the mass graves. Much of the freedom community is silent, too. Many American churches continue to trumpet support for the criminal syndicate leading the genocide. The governor of New York has raised an Israeli flag over the governor’s residence. The U.S. Congress passed almost a hundred billion dollars in appropriations to keep mass atrocity going in Ukraine and Israel, a package that did not include a dime to stop the invasion on our southern border but instead funds accelerated migration from the Middle East, flying even more people from that region into the U.S. as American bombs encourage them to leave.

The real stories of mass atrocity in Gaza keep sneaking out on TikTok. American private equity and venture capital firms, including KKR, own approximately 60% of ByteDance, the company that owns the TikTok app. The Congress—filled with legislators alleged to be dual-passport citizens—is now trying to make sure that the criminal syndicate can assert control over ByteDance, which will allow them to squeeze out the Chinese founders and investors by picking up their much smaller 20% equity position for cheap.

The criminal syndicates love to use the Chinese foreign bogeyman as a stalking horse. They love to use politicians to lower the price at which they can buy—and raise the price at which they can sell. Those capital gains fund political contributions and kickbacks.

Stacking Functions

In terms of covert operations, the criminal syndicates always “stack functions,” so I suspect the protests at American universities have more than one goal. As the protests happen and professional agitators throw hate crime expressions around, these events offer more ways for the criminal syndicates to take advantage.

Heavy “fear porn” marketing is going out to the Jewish community, insisting that anti-Semitism is on the rise. According to this marketing, it is imperative to support the criminal syndicate, as only they will protect the Jewish community from this rising threat. The messaging also insists that the Jewish community must support the weaponization of anti-Semitism with more and more hate crime legislation. If you want to understand how the game works, watch the marvelous documentary Defamation.

Of course, there is no mention of the role the criminal syndicate played in the mass atrocity perpetrated on the Israeli people during the Covid operations, even though it made clear that the criminal syndicate now controlling Israel is an equal-opportunity killer. It was Netanyahu who bragged that he had turned Israel into a “lab for Pfizer.” Nevertheless, more than one Jewish friend or ally has fallen into the trap of insisting that they must support the syndicate killing them because the syndicate is protecting them against rising anti-Semitism—when, in fact, the syndicate is also engineering the evidence of such. Remember the old WC Fields snake and snake potion joke? The salesman markets his snake potion with the help of the snake he also carries with him.

Major donors to U.S. universities are calling to complain about the protests. As they weigh in, I expect that the criminal syndicate will get a bigger voice in who leads the universities and who runs and controls their rich endowments. Steering and controlling the investments of these endowments—and the universities’ intellectual capital, used to justify policies that support the syndicate’s takings and disaster capitalism—offers rich rewards. This is a way for the syndicate to engineer more investment capital to fund the build-out of the control grid and digital concentration camps. If you are an alumnus active in one of these universities, don’t fall for it.

Ditto the U.S. presidential candidates. Watch the politicians and the candidates. The incoherence of their statements has us all wondering what is up. Are they mind controlled? Are they desperate for the central bankers’ largesse and free cash to fund their campaigns? Do they have a control file? Do legal problems have them in a corner? Did someone threaten to kill their kids? Or are they just scared to death? Why are they supporting a control grid that their populist rhetoric says they oppose? Or are they simply committed to getting fresh supplies of oil and gas to Europe and engineering more chaos in the Middle East to keep the oil price high because that is what the realpolitik of managing the U.S. dollar demands?

Lest you think this has nothing to do with you, please understand that an increasing percentage of digital financial infrastructure and cybersecurity is being run through Israel, now under the control of the criminal syndicate. How does it make you feel that the people who are implementing mass atrocity with pandemics in Israel and mass graves and organ harvesting in Gaza are controlling your financial transactions? How do you feel about them setting and enforcing the rules for where, when, and how you can use your money, no matter where you live in the world?

Please don’t tell me your candidate is against financial transaction control. If a candidate supports the criminal syndicates who are building, leading and financing the control grid and offers them immunity from all law, they are not opposed to financial transaction control. Indeed, they are for it and the economic takings and destruction of independent income that move all of us into digital concentration camps.

No Middle of the Road

What is important to you and me, and what do we do?

First and foremost, we are dealing with spiritual warfare. There are two sides. One is divine, and one is demonic. You have to choose—there is no middle of the road.

Second, this is a cultural war. As James Kunstler has written, this is the sane versus the insane. Again, you have to choose. There is no way to support the insane and stay sane—and staying sane is essential to navigate the road ahead.

Finally, this is a financial coup d’état. This is a battle for sovereignty and the rule of law. There is either law, or there is lawlessness. If lawlessness prevails, the U.S. Constitution will be shredded, and it is simply a matter of time before mass graves and organ harvesting blossom across the Western world. And if it leads to war, young men and women in the NATO countries will be drafted and led into the maiming and slaughter.

What can be done to one can be done to all.

The silver lining in what is happening is that the face of the criminal syndicate that has been running Israel—from the boardrooms of Wall Street and the City of London, from Beverly Hills, Martha’s Vineyard, and the Hamptons, and from the smoked-filled rooms of the neocons in Washington—is rising to the surface, like a boil that grows larger with pus until it finally pops and drains.

But if we are to arrive at a positive outcome, each of us must choose. No politician can do anything without a groundswell of grassroots support, which is to say that what you say and do matters.

There is a God. He knows everything we say and do. Your soul is immortal. You and I are required by our love of the Lord and our love of humankind to say, “No, this is not okay. This shall not stand.”

Now is the time for the divine to stop justifying and protecting the demonic.

Now is the time for the sane to walk away and stop supporting the insane.

Now is the time for the lawful to stop supporting the lawless.

Stop Financing the Syndicate

Israeli prosecutors are waiting to prosecute Netanyahu as soon as he steps down, and a recent poll indicates that 80% of the Israeli people want him gone as soon as the war is over. Meanwhile, the U.S. and Americans’ tax dollars are keeping him in power and financing the mass atrocity machine as it gears up to kill or starve one million men and women and one million children in cold blood. Scores of dual-passport citizens and AIPAC-funded and -threatened officials in the U.S. Congress and the Biden Administration are supporting this mass atrocity in a manner that constitutes treason. But if you look at our cash flows—our tax dollars, our purchases, our investments, and our donations—many of us are financing it, too.

Speak up and act now or prepare for the takings to continue until they arrive at your door. If history has taught us anything, it is that crime that pays is crime that stays.

Do not fear the criminal syndicates who are doing their best to dismantle and destroy Western civilization. Fear what will happen if we allow them to proceed and succeed. Fear what will happen to your immortal soul if you do nothing.

Pray, speak up, be heard, and remember—the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Now is the time to speak life into the events of the day and into our future and the future of our children and the generations yet unborn.

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